What to do if you hate blogging

in Editor's Corner

OK – I have a confession. I love developing & customizing blogs and playing with WordPress and getting paid to play with WordPress and all of that. It is exciting to me. But I am a geek. I also love Sudoku and Sim Tower.

All that aside… I actually don’t like blogging, per se. Or rather, I don’t like feeling the need to blog frequently or feeling the pressure to blog frequently (isn’t it funny how we suddenly started using blog as a verb??). I don’t like peer pressure. I never have.

Whenever EVERYONE starts doing something, I stop. I can’t stand being part of a huge crowd that’s going in the same direction. There are a few exceptions: efficiency is one. But I won’t do something just because everyone is doing it.

Is everyone blogging?

Well, no, of course not; there would be far fewer people who do what I do if everyone was already blogging. A lot of people want to start blogging, but they want to because someone in their social network told them that they need to. Some people start blogging (or start wanting to) because they want to make more money and don’t know where to start, and since everyone is telling them to start a blog, they do (or start wanting to).

Here’s the thing: if you have no vision for your blog, it doesn’t matter how much you want it. So for those of us who really don’t like to blog every day, it can be especially hard to give our blogs roots.

Take it from me. I am the queen of leap-before-you-look. I have started many blogs; some were successful and some were not successful. This blog, in particular, I am wrestling with because I want to do something with it I’ve never done before: be completely me. Just be totally me. It’ll either catch on with people or it won’t. I am a little on the sardonic side (especially when it comes to mass trends), and while that catches on with geeks just fine, it’s probably a little too, well, sardonic, for the rest of the social media world.

So, I am starting with a vision. My vision for this blog is to communicate: (1) latest and greatest updates about my blog dev business (BizChickBlogs) without a hint or shade of posturing, and (2) write about blogs and social media and my positions on all of it – good blogs, bad blogs, ugly blogs, ugly successful blogs, beautiful unsuccessful blogs, blogging vs. other types of internet marketing, blogging vs. internet marketing altogether, blogging as a social medium, blogging as the anti-social medium, etc.

I am not going to try and reinvent any wheel (although, there’s nothing wrong it that, in my opinion), but I am also not obsessed with finding a new topic no one has ever discussed before. I’m just talking about what I like to talk about. In a world of “find your own voice” philosophy, it doesn’t get any more personal than that!

I’m sort of changing the idea of blogging to fit my personality and lifestyle. I am not going to get all worked up into a schedule or crazy marketing plan with this blog. Instead, I’m simply using it as a platform, and also as a tablet to talk about something that I like. Besides, my most successful method of marketing is word of mouth, and I will never forsake that. Now, if I can make blogging work for me in terms of word of mouth – that would be fantastic!

So… that’s how I’m dealing with the fact that I don’t like blogging. If you don’t like blogging either, we should be friends.

More later… honk if you hate blogging, too (but are dealing with it, all the same). :)