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How one of my new sites got indexed and ranked in Google in 2 days

Is the Google sandbox myth really just a myth?

Recently, I tested out the perfect on-page SEO described in Bring the Fresh, which is a step-by-step course designed to help people really leverage search engine traffic and make money online. All of the modification existed right on the blog. This launch technique requires no back links and almost no content. The point is to get indexed, in a decent position, and then build up from there.

I was surprised. Mind you, I’ve been building websites for a long time (I built my first website using Dreamweaver when I was in college in 2001). But I’ve only recently (within the past 5-6 months) concentrated on search engine optimization – namely, fast indexing and ranking. Just as FYI, the differences between indexing and ranking:

  • Indexing: I pretty much only care about Google for the purposes of SEO discussions, good or bad. So when I say indexing, I mean that the site has been indexed by Google and therefore will now be displayed in search engine results (even if it is displayed on page 1,999 in the #19,990 position.
  • Ranking: Refers to the position in the Google results, not the more popularly discussed page rank, which isn’t important for this discussion, really.

Playing in the Sandbox

Now, you might hear a lot of talk about the Google “sandbox,” which, according to the buzz, is the little place your new site goes to play while Google determines whether or not it’s ready for showtime in the search results. I thought that this was true. And maybe it is. I don’t know very much about it, but what I do know is that on June 10, I bought a domain name, installed WordPress on it, followed the Bring the Fresh SEO instructions word-for-word, and 2 days later, the site was at position #19 (#9 on the second page of Google). Now, 2 days after that, the site is at position #17 (#7 on the second page of Google).

I’m sure others have seen even better results. It really depends on the competition and desired keyword phrase.

Important Notes

The ranking occurred with almost no content and 0 (that’s a big fat ZERO) backlinks. I don’t want to give away the on-page SEO technique described in Bring the Fresh, even though it is not rocket science and they don’t even consider themselves SEO gurus (although they clearly know what they’re doing). You should buy it yourself if you want that. I’m also detailing and journaling every step of the process on my new blog, SEO Techniques Reviewed. That blog is still way, way in the works so don’t expect anything majestic right now. But every day I talk about what I am doing, and I tell you the exact domain I am ranking and so it’s all completely transparent.

The on-page “launch” SEO is so basic that I think most of us completely miss it – I know that I have, and I’ve launched many, many, many, many WordPress blogs in my day. It’s not about plugins and backlinks out of the gate. It’s about perfect SEO – for indexing.

Hints: What are the pieces of information WordPress sets up for you instantly, when the blog is installed? How can you modify each of those elements to create the perfect on-page SEO for your site?

A lot of tools out there claim to have you indexed in a matter of minutes. And maybe that’s true. But you’re indexed at #1,280,000 spot and then due to your black hat techniques, you really are in the “sandbox” for the next month, clawing your way out by paying for expensive high PR backlinks or doing a whole lotta blog commenting!

OK – that’s an exaggeration. The point is that there is a correct way to launch a new site and an incorrect way. It’s not about gaming the search engines. It’s about telling them – in their own language – what your site is about so that it can be crawled and indexed efficiently.

Getting it Right from the Start

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The key here is getting it right from the very start. Another thing SEO people talk about is called the Google “dance,” which is when your site goes in and out of and up and down the Google search results until it finally “settles.” Right now, I’m just going to throw that theory into the same bucket as the sandbox. It may or may not exist and I will certainly find out in the coming weeks. But if the SEO techniques are pure, there is nowhere to go but up. And by pure, I don’t mean writing great content and then crossing your fingers and hoping that someone links to it. You’ll still need to be aggressive, particularly if time is of the essence or you are hoping to make a lot of money from the site.

Nowhere but Up

Anyway, if you are curious about that case study and want to follow along and get exact details about what I’m doing (for the most part; I really do not plan to give away specifics from the book as they put time and effort into selling it), then head over to SEO Techniques Reviewed and follow along. I’m going to try and keep out of the case study, so that’s why I started the new blog.

Bring the Fresh

If you’re curious about Bring the Fresh, you should go and check it out. It’s fantastic. The creators are Mike Long and Kelly Felix and Bring the Fresh is basically like an instructional course for getting tons of search engine traffic. They have a bazillion videos and a Yahoo forum/group which I haven’t had time to check out yet, but what I really do like is the 38 page Fast Start manual. I have NEVER seen a clearer “do this,” “do that” guide in my life. Anyone who can read and access the Internet could follow those instructions. And perhaps if you did, you might see a page 2 in 2 days result like I did – or even better, if your keyword has less competition than mine did. So go have a look.


I know that some of what is talked about here may be over your head in terms of SEO. Even though I’ve only been focused on it for a little while, it’s certainly not new to me and since I’m a techie by trade, technical things come easily to me. If you need explanation, I’m here to help so just let me know where I can be clearer!

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