Follow Friday: Must-Read Posts, SeededBuzz, and Why Faking It Sucks

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Follow Friday: 13 Posts to re-read, bookmark, and share on Twitter if you haven’t already

Weekly list of posts from bloggers I interact with here on the blog, on Twitter (@bizchickblogs), or at WeBlogBetter or TechnShare. Enjoy! Be sure to pay it forward and in the process get to know some other bloggers.

Life/Business Skills

  • Why You Should Document Things – Does it save you time in the end?
  • How to Take a Digital Sabbatical – Sometimes you need to take time off. Here’s a simple guide.
  • Complaining – An interesting look at complaining and why you should turn your complaints into opportunities.
  • How to Get Through the Bad Days in Internet Marketing – Everything doesn’t always come up roses, despite what gurus would have you believe. I appreciate people who are transparent and real.

Blogging How-To/Tips

  • Blogging Strategies for Long Term Growth – How are you planning to continue to grow your blog?
  • 9 Proven Steps to Improve Your Google Rankings – Everyone needs to know this stuff. Go have a read!
  • 10 Ways to Get Your Guest Post Rejected – All I have to say is, can I PLEASE get an Amen!!!? Good article on what NOT to do when seeking guest post opportunities.
  • 7 Reasons to Start a Second Blog – I’m actually not recommending starting a second blog, per se, but this post has good information in it for those who are already thinking about it or already have. I maintain multiple blogs and it is really tough.
  • How to Find Blogs with Keyword Luv – Good stuff! If you’re interested in getting some anchor text links back to your blog or website, have a read.
  • Do Web Directories Still Hold Any Value? If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s worth seeking links from directories or what directories are all about, this is interesting.
  • Why Is Your Website Whispering? I really like this one. If you’re hoping to use your website or blog for business, you need a unique selling proposition. What is it? What makes you different enough that I should join your list and not the next blogger’s?

SEO/Social Bookmarking/Social Media


Have you heard of yet? It’s a cool, free way to promote your blog and find some new content ideas at the same time. The point is to become connected with other bloggers through links – seeds and the buzz from those seeds. With SeededBuzz you can

  • Plant a seed around a topic and have bloggers write about it and link to you
  • Write about a seed someone else has planted and get more visibility for your blog
  • Seek guest posts on seed topics

It was on SeededBuzz that I got the inspiration for today’s mini-post below. I am buzzing Jerry Kennedy’s seed about faking it; it’s a great topic. You should join me on SeededBuzz and plant some seeds that we can all start buzzing!

Why Faking It Sucks

Fake It ’til You Make It” was always something my high school choir teacher used to say. I’m not sure why anymore; it was so long ago now that I only remember the parts that stuck rather than the reasons behind them.

I ended up carrying that through life. For some things, it’s a good way to do it: just break up with a boyfriend and don’t feel like moving on? Fake it ’til you make it. Absolutely sick at the thought of being a bridesmaid in your cousin’s wedding? Fake it ’til you make it.

On a serious note, pretending to be something that you’re not in the business or blogging worlds is a mistake. In fact, we were just talking about this over in the comments at TechnShare on one of Oni’s posts about being an expert. The truth is that if you’re NOT an expert you should discard the idea that you can promote yourself as one.

My two cents: being a poser is not only bad for you in the long run, it’s bad for everyone else now. For you, don’t skimp on experience for the sake of a couple of bucks. Take the training, get the testimonials – do what it takes to get some clout – don’t make it up. And as far as everyone else goes, it’s your responsibility to tell the truth and not lead people astray. We don’t talk about moral high grounds enough, but we should.

Know your impact and hold yourself to honesty.

Next Week’s List

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