The Art of Embracing the Oops Moments

in Editor's Corner

You’ve probably heard that being a perfectionist will set you up for some serious heartburn in life. In blogging, it is no different. You will hit “Publish” before you are ready many times. You will wish you titled your post differently. You will wish that you used a different image in a post, or that you responded to someone’s comment differently, or that you had linked out more in a particular article.

Maybe it’s true that you should have done all of those things, but you can edit your posts. Or, you can do it better next time. I wonder if people just forget those two things.

Great Posts on Embracing Mistakes/Not Sweating the Small Stuff:

Practical Strategy: Practice hitting the “edit” and “update” buttons frequently. :)

How: If you make a mistake, correct it. It’s not the end of the world. Cache is not as scary as you think it may be. And stop listening to the horror stories of publishing something online and how it’s forever and can’t be changed (the people who warn you to be careful because what you put out there is permanent, blah, blah, blah). If you don’t like something, change it. Tell your readers you are updating whatever it is you are updating. And then move on.

Learn from your mistakes. Do better next time. Don’t put so much weight on a single post.

Your success is the sum of all of your activities.

Adapted from Blog Eat Blog: Simple Strategies for Blogging in a Crowded Niche. [intlink id=”3376″ type=”page”]Download it here[/intlink].

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