Two Cents Tuesday: Insecurities Will Kill Your Blog

in Editor's Corner

We talked a little while back about the things that kill blogs, and one of them was: not blogging.

Jerry Kennedy’s post today, which was the result of our linking up on seededbuzz, is about fear. He, like me, has developed blogs for people only to see them wither and die, with one of the main reasons being the feeling that the blogger just had nothing to say.

That feeling – feeling like you’ve got nothing to say or nothing to contribute – stems from insecurity.

Insecurity is a killer. It kills everything from relationships to families to entire careers.

If you’re feeling insecure in any way about who you are or how talented you are or how well you can write, you’ve got to dig deep and find some courage somewhere.

If you need to, step away from your Google Reader or Twitter or any place where you come face-to-face with someone else’s success.

Instead of looking at other people’s successes, you’ve got to start looking in the mirror and seeing your own. Carry over success from someplace else – maybe you’re a great mom, or an awesome boyfriend, or a really loyal friend. Maybe you’ve had years of success in your career and are now trying your hand at owning your own business. Wherever you have experienced success outside of blogging, find a way to reflect on that and carry those same skills over.

Whatever made you successful before will work for your blogging as well. Just figure out what it was, and do it again.

What are your thoughts on insecurity in blogging? Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought, “Who am I to start a blog? What could I possibly contribute?” If so, speak up. Others may need to hear that today!

Image Credit: Helga Webber