September 2010

Are You Properly Protecting Your RSS Feed?

by bizchick September 30, 2010
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When you publish content and provide an RSS feed for people to access that content, you lose a little bit of control over it. Scratch that – you lose a lot of control over it. You’re basically giving people a file which can be used to populate other blogs, websites, ezines – even print documents. Yes, you can copyright your blog content and require permission for reuse, but there’s still no way to completely prevent misuse of your RSS feed if you make it public.

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5 Ways to Impress First Time Visitors

by bizchick September 27, 2010

First time blog visitors are loyal readers in waiting. They deserve a little special treatment, too, and it’s not hard to impress them if you make getting to know them a priority. Some of these are more suited to blogs whose primary readers are bloggers, but the first two are suitable for all blogs. 1. […]

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New Twitter: Hot or Not?

by bizchick September 25, 2010
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Is the new Twitter hot, or not? It’s no substitute for HootSuite, from what I can see, but it’s got some cool, cool things going on. I did an analysis of it and listed 7 cool things about the new Twitter, along with 3 not-so-cool things, that you should check out on my new blog, […]

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