What the %&$#!? To Swear or Not to Swear

in Editor's Corner

That is the question.

Or, rather, that is the subject of a pretty lively thread going on over the past few months. What started as a mere seed on SeededBuzz by Artistically Nuts has become a somewhat trendy topic. This is in particular is among mom bloggers (yeah, I get around) but the guest post I have written over at A Closet Writer on this is actually for everyone, not just mom bloggers (despite its title :)).

Seriously, though – do you curse like a sailor on your blog(s)? If not, do you think other people should? What about swearing in comments? Do you approve comments with cuss words (ha) in them?? Would love to hear your thoughts… over there.

So, pleaseĀ go over and speak up the same way you would here. :)

Trust me, I’m the same bizchickblogs in my guest posting as I am on this site.

–>Here’s the link: swearing on blogs. Enjoy!!!

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Image Credit: Orin Zebest