Autumn at BizChickBlogs: Changes are Coming

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn is starting to finally show up. I just posted an update on Facebook today about it. I absolutely love this season. It has always been my favorite. Even now, in the dry and heat of Arizona, autumn is a lovely, very present force to be reckoned with. Like Spring, Autumn is about change – about preparation for change, too – and is evident in every way.

Autumn at BizChickBlogs

BizChickBlogs: Upcoming Changes

Traffic has been steadily increasing over the past couple of months, mostly due to an increase in posting on my part. Here is a nugget of truth for any unbelievers out there: increased posting increases steady traffic. Now, whether or not steady traffic is something of interest is completely subjective and up to you. If you’re using blogging as a marketing tool for your business, it behooves you to post regularly. If not, post at your leisure. Overall traffic may not be influenced one way or the other since traffic is dependent on much more than editorial calendars.

That said, with a new Tucson online marketing company and (yay) new contracts coming in, I can’t keep up the pace and post all the time here. I’m planning to stick to [intlink id=”214″ type=”category”]Two Cents Tuesdays[/intlink], which are every two weeks with an occasional extra week thrown in, and every Friday for [intlink id=”195″ type=”category”]Follow Fridays[/intlink], and at least one more post.

Guest Posting

If you are interested in [intlink id=”3037″ type=”page”]guest posting[/intlink] here, please do. This has turned into a really great community of some of the smartest blogger-readers I know! :) So, if you’re up to the challenge of adding yet even more blogging, SEO, social media or online marketing know-how, you’re more than welcome.

No More Baby Food

One thing I have learned about [intlink id=”72″ type=”category”]blogging in a community[/intlink] is that rehashing old stuff doesn’t work. As everyone learns and grows, it makes no sense to keep producing the same content, just re-written. So one thing you won’t see is old posts written new ways. While some topics never get old – getting traffic, engaging readers, building community, etc. – new topics for growth will be explored:

  • Copywriting techniques that drive comments and/or leads,
  • Using the sidebars, pages, categories, and tags more effectively
  • The pros and cons of requiring registration for comments
  • Inside look at blogging clubs and societies – are they for everyone?
  • The secret to getting big name companies to ask you to promote them
  • How to change your readership, after you’ve discovered you’re not reaching the right readers
  • Exploring LinkWorth: Get paid monthly for spots in your sidebar, footer, or keywords
  • More

Your Challenge: Making Changes

Making and embracing change is something entrepreneurs do out of instinct, I think. And so many of you who are bloggers have an entrepreneurial nature. How are you embracing change in your blogging? It could be changing the schedule, or changing your readership, or using/not using Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn… think about it.

What improvements are you planning to make this season?

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