BizChickBlogs’ 100th Post!

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Happy 100th Post Day here at BizChickBlogs. Today is also 10/01/2010 (or 01/10/2010). This marks a very special day in the history of this blog.

For post #100, I thought I’d reflect on how the vision has changed. I also wanted to mention some of the great bloggers who are part of this community, and the awesome resources that have crossed my path since late February when BizChickBlogs was launched.

Follow Friday is hidden here, in the various links. THANK YOU to everyone who’s become part of the community here. You make it worth it.

Also, a big thank you also to the great guest bloggers who have contributed to the 100 posts here. You’re fabulous. If anyone reading this is wanting to guest post here, please do!

An Evolved Vision

BizChickBlogs was launched on a total whim. I had just left the LAST cubicle job I will ever hold and was working freelance, and finding that people had some very simple questions about blogging, and the people I was working with at the time and my friends who had questions are primarily women.

I decided to start blogging about blogging because there was an obvious need for it, despite the scores of blogs about blogging that already exist. That’s the thing about content – who publishes the content really matters. If you know something, don’t be afraid to write about it, because your circle of influence wants to hear it from you – not whoever else talks about it, too. That’s the edge in Blog Eat Blog and crowded niche’s. It doesn’t matter how crowded it is, because there are pockets of people (your tribe) who will insist that you tell them.

I was very good at training in my previous jobs, but as I started blogging, I realized that style of writing didn’t suit me. People can always feel free to contact me and ask me specific questions, but writing how-to tutorial after tutorial is not my thing. It’s better left to the Ileane‘s and DragonBloggers of this world, who are fabulous at writing reviews and getting into the nitty-gritty details which are crucial to success.

I am better at setting direction and providing guidance. In a horse race, all of the technique in the world won’t help if the horse is headed in the wrong direction. BizChickBlogs is about mindset, strategy, execution, follow-through, and finishing touches. And the occasional “What’s Up With That?” type of post, too.

Well over half of BizChickBlogs’ readers are men. That’s a surprise!

People Who Rock

I’m saying “people” intentionally, rather than the label “bloggers.” At the end of the day, we’re just people who have lives and visions and dreams and plans.

So many people in the blogosphere are incredible, intelligent, hit the mark consistently or just have a way of making an impact. I’m not able to list everyone; it would take the entire post and then some, but ones that stick out in my mind are:

Like I said, it’s difficult to list everyone, and there are some newer friends that I’ve made and listing everyone would make the page way too long. :)

I’m grateful for all of the connections and the readership and visits. The people above are just over and above in that we’ve had conversations outside of the blog – emails, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Connections that go beyond scratching each other’s backs. I’m looking forward to growing this list!

Stuff that Rocks

So what keeps BizChickBlogs running? Lots.

  • Publishing Platform: WordPress
  • Theme Framework: Thesis Theme for WordPress
  • BCB’s Second Homes: Twitter and Facebook
  • Social Media Dashboard: HootSuite… but is now being replaced by SproutSocial
  • Monetization: MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
  • Social Sharing and Other Stuff Like It: Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Technorati
  • Statistics: Google Analytics & WordPress Popular Posts Stats
  • RSS Feed Management: FeedBurner
  • Community Builders: CommentLuv, Comment Redirect, Thank Me Later, Top Commentator
  • Hosting: Soon to be HostGator. Am letting go of BlueHost. Bittersweet!

… and Readers

Every now and then I’ll get a new comment or an email from someone who says something like, “I’ve been reading for awhile and just want to say that I like your blog.” Those kinds of (real, not spam) comments and emails or tweets provide incentive to keep going. So thank you. I’m glad you like it here.

To the next 100.