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This post is part of the Blog for Digs charity event, where interior design bloggers have come together to raise money and awareness for Dwell with Dignity. Dwell with Dignity’s mission: to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design: one household at a time.

Now, I’m definitely not an interior designer! But there are several bloggers who have joined Blog for Digs in effort to help spread awareness, and as soon as I came across a post about this, I wanted to be part of it.

My Childhood Bedroom Was…

Shared. I shared a bedroom with my younger sister until I left for college, when I finally got my own room (our college dorms were single rooms).

We also moved around a lot, so our bedroom was sparse in terms of furniture (but definitely filled with our junk). We didn’t take many pictures (at least, not of our room).

It was certainly not… stylish. :) But it was filled with laughter, tears, and memories. My sister and I played so much in that room – we played house, church, school, work, etc. with our cousin who is the same age as my sister. We would tear images out of Spiegel magazine and create imaginary lives for ourselves. It was a complete blast. I really miss it.

In middle school and high school, my sister and I listened to music every night -soft rock – 97.1 Wash FM. Because of that, I pretty much know every single song that was popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s! :) Our favorite, which came on every night and which we sang together, was More than Words by Extreme.

If I could have styled our room, here’s what I would have done:

These days I’m into the frill and fuss of this vintage look. It’s very feminine, quiet, and cozy. I have a coffee table book called Small Spaces for Modern Living, and in it there is a picture of a grown up room that looks exactly like this one! Except it has a series of shelves near the ceiling to display girly heels (love it).

As girly as it gets.

Happy Lady Decorates shared some awesome images of what she would have done with her childhood bedroom, and Yams Design is up next on January 5, so please stop by there and check out her post for Blog for Digs. You can check out the full schedule here.

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