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Do you know how to be beautiful?

Interesting question isn’t it?  We all know that beauty comes from the inside and society judges us first from the outside…at least for the first few moments.  I bet we all know at least one ‘beautiful’ woman who is so insecure (resulting in meanness) that we don’t see her as beautiful at all.  For me, beauty is the combination of both inside and outside.  Of course, it’s easier to work on the outside, right?  But it can never cover up what’s going on the inside if you don’t work on your internal dialogue.

The inside takes years to develop and make beautiful – and it happens in one place:  that big muscle we need to be exercising more…our brains.    Our brain is not a big computer like some think — we are not hard-wired to be a certain way.  The brain is fluid and can change and adapt to whatever comes our way; this plasticity also allows us to change our thoughts and behaviors, both good and bad.

We all have ‘triggers’ that can pull memories from our massive internal archives and these triggers can invoke certain thoughts or beliefs.  One such trigger can be standing in front of a dressing room mirror.  For some reason, our thighs seem enormously huge.  Is it the mirror?  No, it’s your brain – your perception has become seriously flawed.  But you can reverse it.  It’s not easy, especially when who we think we are is so deeply ingrained in us.

We are usually our own worst critics. We beat ourselves up and end up paralyzed, afraid to move forward and get out of the negative self talk. Well, it’s time to stop. Make today the day you stop the negative self talk. The most prominent neuroscientists in the world have proven that if you don’t use it (parts of your brain), you lose it.  So don’t fat talk. Lose it and be beautiful.

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