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It’s 2011 all over the world. is based in Tucson, and by now, most of the world has already screamed Happy New Year!!! So this is us, coming close to picking up the tail end of New Year celebrations.


JamestheJust, Biz Chick Hopeful | Dude

To utterly dominate the planet. (What?)


New Year’s Resolutions from Biz Chicks Everywhere

I put out a note to send me resolutions to put into today’s post, and heard back from several amazing ladies with big plans this year via email, a thread on Facebook, and a discussion in Women 2.0 on LinkedIn. Here’s what everyone had to say. Thanks to all who participated!

BizChicks! What’s your 2011 New Year’s resolution for your businesses?

Darrah Courter, Connections Strategist |

I am going to continue to Create Waves of Opportunity by training 3 more interns in Sales and Marketing which in return will continue a Rippling Effect when they enter the work force.

Sandy Rees, Nonprofit Fundraising Coach |

My business resolution for 2011 is to be heart-centered with my marketing.  I want to come from a place of love when I write my sales letters, ads, newsletters, and such.  I’m worn out from hyped-up, hard sales and I don’t want to do that to my customers and prospects.  So, I intend to communicate with them with the love and compassion I have for them and the work they do.

Dara Turansky, Founder and Creative Director | 7 Lucky Dogs

As a small business owner, I need to maximize my time between work and home. However, balancing the two has always been a struggle for me. My business New Years resolutions focus on organizing my business, creating systems to help automate marketing tasks, and delegating responsiblities so I may focus on other business aspects. I just hired a CPA and bookkeeper to take care of the books so that I may focus on other activities such as networking, planning, and marketing. In my personal life, I started to buy groceries online and have them delivered to the house once a week. Delivered groceries gives me more time with the family, and I feel less stressed knowing one more item is crossed off my “To Do” list.

Michelle Martini, CEO and Social Media Consultant | PowerfulHER

My News Year’s resolution is to start my own blog. It’s been a pushed-aside goal for years now. I want to add my own knowledge to the conversation!

Lori Boyd, Owner | Body 360, LLC

A big goal for my business this year is to grow, grow, grow! Always keep the big picture your main focus and let your business evolve! Orchestrate what you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Another practice I have that I will continue into 2011 is “Keep It Real!” Be genuine, be patient, and above all hold yourself accountable!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Instructor |

I resolve to do a better job of balancing my writing  with the marketing of my existing books. I resolve to grow my network. Friends are like tulip bulbs. Plant one. Nurture it. Let it flower. The next season that one bulb becomes many. It’s life affirming.

Nikki Leigh, Owner | Promo 101 Promotional Services and Love Prints Relationship Coaching

While I’ll continue to handle promotional clients, I will be establishing and expanding my coaching work in 2011. This will include ongoing searches for tools and resources to help me expand my relationship knowledge and to help clients. I’ll continue to blog about relationship and self improvement topics, complete a number of ebooks on these topics and working in person, through chat and phone with clients. I plan to do teleseminars and/or re-launch my online radio show to reach a larger audience.

Julie Achterhoff, Author, Quantum Earth- 2012 & Earthwalker – Earth Can Be Hell for a Vampire

My New Year’s resolution is to not only write more books, but to create a new publishing house with my business partner, Mian Mohsin Zia. We plan to begin this endeavor sometime in 2011 so we can find a few exceptional authors and publish their books. We have already gotten together a great package to offer them. We want this to be a unique type of publishing house that offers more to the author, including marketing support. I am really excited about making this happen in the New Year!

Belinda Byfield |

Rather than 1 New Years Resolution I set constant goals for myself and track and update them throughout the year. I accomplish a lot more this way and stay focused and on purpose.

Cleo Costello

My resolution: To launch my new (and first ever) business in January 2011. It will be my first time not working for a big company and on my own. Finally, I feel like an entrepreneur. Wish me luck!

Carol Dunlap, Personal Trainer, Web Guru, and Wine Consultant

I am taking my radio show, Fit4Life Radio to the next level and bringing in 2 co-hosts who will be on the show 2 shows out of the month. This will give my audience more depth in their perspective on weight loss and weight management.

The other change is to have sponsors for different segments of the show. I have experienced a nice growth in my area of expertise, weight loss for women over 35 and I want to continue to expand on it.

The final goal is to expand my reach to women through the use of social media sites, facebook, linkedin and twitter.

Pamela Yellen, President | Bank On Yourself®

I usually don’t make resolutions, but this year I’ve resolved to delegate more – especially the stuff that I hate doing and procrastinate on – and to be less technologically challenged. So I got an iPad, which has really helped me when traveling, and I am starting to use Dragon dictation software on both my computer and iPad. It’s pretty cool!

Danielle McGaw |

Plan for better time management by using Google/Gmail tools like the calendar and the to-do lists. I am going to take time every Sunday evening to plan out my week and then a little time each evening to adapt as needed.

Sarah Arrow, Editor |

To get more of it! Business that is, to work harder instead of actually saying that I am working harder…

Allie, Blogger |

Organize, implement, organize, implement. Rest. (Someday.)

Annette Vivian, Blogger |

To make as many people smile as possible…..:)

Nikole Gipps, Web Developer |

I am trying to remove clutter from my mind and business. I want to create processes that save me time and headaches, streamline my business for efficiency, and create more of a system to work with clients. I’m using Basecamp more for project tracking, and I am hoping to better manage customer expectations through transparent project management. It is all about getting more done with the limited time I have, because I’m a busy mom with 2 small children and I’m not going to invent more working hours in the week. I have to increase my income goals using what I already have.

Tanya Peterson, Blogger |

I’m SUPER excited to be partnering with to offer a FREE year of web hosting to everyone who takes a Online Blogging Class! My resolution for 2011 is to get the word out about this great offer – and work to do as much as I can to help moms get off to a successful start with blogging. “Building relationships, one blogger at a time!

Gina Jennings | Freelance Writer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer

I’m going to focus on copywriting and making my content connect with readers this year. Less emphasis on SEO.

Resolutions & Thoughts on Resolutions from Our Editors

Christina Linnell, Blogger/Writer |

Do what you can today & don’t worry about tomorrow, it is what it is.

Evelyn Parham, Blogger/Writer |

Goals for my blog:

Increase traffic
Write more quality content that will be helpful to readers
Engage my readers by presenting information in creative ways.


Develop more informational products
Get more into freelance writing
Make YouTube Partner

I don’t have much because I’m discovering where I want to be, when it comes to business.  I love writing!

Libby Fisher, Web Developer/Designer |

1) Become an LLC  –  this might fall more under the category of “Things To Do” than “resolutions” 🙂

2) Design and develop my own WordPress theme(s). I want to be able to design WordPress themes both for myself and my own clients and also for other web or graphic designers who can create a mockup image of what they want their theme to look like, and then hire me to create the actual WordPress files for them.

3) Continue to grow and learn and expand! I feel like is off to a great start but there is so much more I want to learn and do and I am just excited to see where it’s all going to go in the future!

Marlee Ward, Online Biz Strategist & Self-Discovery Coach | Metamorphoself

For 2011, I’ve resolved not to make resolutions! If resolutions work for you embrace them. For me, resolutions are merely intentions, and intention is not the same thing as action. Instead, I approach each New Year with a set of specific goals, supported by actionable steps, designed to bring about lasting changes and improvements in my business and life. Care to join me?

Tia Peterson, C’est Moi |

To bring out the best in women, especially women bloggers. To continue to ask questions, tell funny stories, and bring people together. To attract more smart women into this community and see it become a place of importance and relevance in the lives of our readers.

Missed your chance? Add yours here.

If you missed the opportunity to add your resolution to the list, leave it in the reply! Happy New Year!

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Shannon Noack January 6, 2011 at 7:15 am

What a great idea for a post, love all the ideas from the women that participated as well! For my company, a web and graphic design studio, we make goals each year and update them throughout the year, making sure we’re on track to meet these goals. We have big plans for this year! We plan to dig deeper this year, providing high quality customer service and quality design materials for our clients. I posted all about it on our blog so that our clients and community know where we’re headed and are on board with us! Cheers to everyone in 2011!

Sandeemiller January 1, 2011 at 8:44 pm

My goal this year is to take my blog to the next level. I am determined to work more than the content. I’m going to make sure part of my work focuses more on SEO, keywords and other ways to increase traffic to my blog.
Finding sites like has been a great motivator and learning tool.


Marlo January 1, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I just determined what my long-term goals for the year would be, then I broke them down to quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. I plan to further break them down to daily goals. Also, in order to accomplish these goals, I shall be even more self-disciplined and focused.

Sherryl Perry @Keep Up With The Web January 1, 2011 at 2:45 pm

What a great post for the 1st day of the New Year! I somehow missed knowing about this. I just learned about the Women 2.0 group on LinkedIn and submitted my request to join. Some great inspiration here!

My resolution is to pick 2 or 3 of my ideas for new blog launches, fully develop the strategies and then implement them.

Marlee January 1, 2011 at 7:58 am

Happy New Year Ladies and BizChick Readers!

These are great resolutions. Inspiring and authentic.

I’ll be back in 6 months to check up on you all. 😉

Christina Linnell January 1, 2011 at 6:21 am

I love what Belinda said. Setting constant goals sounds a lot more attainable to me than big, big resolutions.

Tia Peterson January 5, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Hey Christina, I agree. Sorry for the delay in reply!

Setting constant goals is so much easier if they are small enough to track. I think that when people realize they are meeting their smaller goals, they’re much more likely to put more effort into bigger goals.

Danielle McGaw January 1, 2011 at 12:50 am

Thanks for including my quote. 🙂 There are some great goals here – I think my list just grew a bit. Great stuff everyone!

Tia Peterson January 1, 2011 at 1:04 am

Happy New Year, Danielle! Looking forward to it!


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