As mothers, don’t we at least deserve cute baby pictures!?

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cute baby pictures

There is a lot of talk regarding the joys children bring but not so much on the effort it takes to raise them.  My children are the best things that ever happened to me. But they definitely were a lot of work.  It starts when they are babies and you have to do everything for them. It continues as they grow and you find yourself struggling to entertain them and keep them busy.

mom's dress up babies

One pleasure mom's have is pictures of their babies.

After all the effort you put in, there are times that you do things with them that are really for your amusement.  I find it funny when I see new mothers and the realization starts to sink in for them. My girlfriend’s daughter has a beautiful one year old little girl. She took pictures of her in a snowsuit, hat and mittens. The baby was not thrilled to be dressed up and to be part of the photo shoot.

Her mother didn’t care. She knew she was adorable and was going to get the picture anyway. When I saw her and told her how cute the baby was she told me how it had been a struggle to get the picture before she took all the clothes off. But she was really proud of herself that she got a great shot first.

I told her she was officially a mom. She had finally figured out what those of us that have kids know and that is sometimes we do things with our kids just for our benefit. She will have that picture long after her daughter grows up.

These simple pleasures are how we pay ourselves back for the sleepless nights, worry and money they cost us. Next time you see a child dressed in an adorable outfit, you know there is a mother who might be sleep deprived but is still happy.

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Tia February 11, 2011 at 1:33 pm

LOL Yes, I agree that it’s okay if our kids are a little uncomfortable while we do things really for our benefit, like photographing them or having theme birthday parties.

They’ll grow up and get over it and move on, and we’ll have our keepsakes.

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