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Reflections on Connection Month

For Better, For Worse

February is coming quickly to a close – tomorrow, March will be here, and we’re on to new things at bizchickblogs.com. Of course we will always have the underlying connection theme running in the background, but Making a Connection is officially ending today, and tomorrow, Money Matters starts. I thought it’d be a good idea to reflect on the connections I’ve made this month and on the effort I put out to making more connections.

This month, my connection accomplishments were:

  • Attended a women’s networking group lunch, out of which came three one-on-one coffee get-togethers and another on the plate.
  • One of those one-on-one coffee get-togethers led to me finally getting another life insurance policy, which has been on my to-do list almost a year.
  • Another of the one-on-one coffee get-togethers led to an invitation for a speaking engagement at an attorney’s networking event. I’m looking forward to that.
  • Another of the one-on-one coffee get-togethers led to me getting connected to Send Out Cards
    , and sending my dear friend a card just reflecting on our friendship.
  • I had some great phone chats with Kim over at Parasol Creations. The first phone chat led to me going on her radio show, which ended up being hilarious and enjoyable, and the second phone chat led to an invitation to have my own radio show on their network. Very cool.
  • I got a conversation started on Twitter with Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, just by way of tweeting out one of his services. That was great. You’ll be hearing A LOT about that book in upcoming posts. It has completely changed the way I think about branding, business, and getting clients. Brilliant book.
  • I participated in a Facebook fan exchange on LinkedIn. Overall, the experience was just okay. I connected with some really awesome business owners that rock. All’s well that end’s well.
  • I passed on a referral to two people who I thought would do a great job on a project.
  • A week later, I received two referrals from someone who thought I would do a great job on a project.
  • I was asked to be part of an awesome post Marlee Ward put together featuring black bloggers for Black History Month, and got an opportunity to connect with a blogger from that post.
  • I re-connected with two long-time friends, Rebekah Wagner and Jennylynn Adleta who are amazing photographers and artists, and they submitted artwork here at bizchickblogs.com.
  • A friend passed a resume to me belonging to someone he thought would make a great addition to my corporate blogging consultancy. He was right, and she will be starting part-time with me in the middle of March. She met him through LinkedIn, so that is the ultimate connection story!
  • I am (still) participating in the 31DBBB challenge with the SITS girls, and though I am far behind at this point, I’ve made some great connections, picked up some readers, and found some new blogs to follow.
  • I tweeted about my writer’s block, and received a tweet back from Mitch Allen about the Creative Copy Challenge. Now I have a new place to go every week and write silly things – writing in a way I never tried before. I absolutely love it.

Personally, the landscape wasn’t as rosy, but I accept some parts of life for better, for worse. I know my purpose and the good plans laid out for me, and I am so content in knowing that all things will work together for my good.

Did you miss your chance to connect this month? If not, excellent! You never know where even just a single connection could lead. If so, make up for it in March. Set out a specific plan to connect and see your business and life thrive because of it.

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