Do You *Really* Love Your Business?

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How Much Do You Love Your Business?

If you are a woman entrepreneur, you probably know what I mean when I say it’s easy to have a love-hate relationship with your business. Running your own business can be empowering, exhilarating, and exhausting!

Ask any woman in business and she’ll attest to the “honeymoon” phase in her life as an entrepreneur. Emotions run high and nothing can stop you and your biz! But once the sense of newness subsides, and certain tasks become mundane, the grind that can come with running your own business can start to rub you the wrong way.

Entrepreneurship has its highs and lows, that is a given, but if you really love your business yet find yourself feeling more low than high about it, you might need to bring back that loving feeling.

Four Ways to Start Loving Your Business More

Start having more fun IN and WITH your business.

It’s really easy to forget to have fun in your business. This is probably because the notion of fun isn’t widely associated with being in business. The truth is, the more fun you have IN and WITH your business, the more successful you and your business will be.

Having fun IN and WITH your business doesn’t mean you have to do anything outrageous. You can simply start having more fun IN and WITH your business by getting a little creative in different areas. For example, if you do a lot of in-person networking for your business, consider developing a creative way to make your business stand out and get remembered. Maybe you can wear a customized t-shirt, hand out a branded keepsake, or create an unorthodox elevator pitch.

Or if you work from home, have more fun in your business by listening to upbeat music while you work. Or go work in a different environment like a café or a bookstore. Clearly, these are not mind-blowing suggestions. By simply stepping outside of the box, doing something a little different, and infusing creativity into your day-to-day business life your business will start to be more fun for you and your customers.

Take time away from your business.

You know the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, this couldn’t be more true as it applies to your business. Overworking yourself is not only unhealthy, but it stifles your ability to creatively solve problems or come up with new ideas for products and services. You should be taking extended breaks from your business on a regular basis. Depending upon your workload this may mean you take one full day off of work each week, or it could mean you take a three day weekend every other month. Whatever the case may be, you must commit to taking time away from your business so that you can recharge and reinvest that energy into your business.

Delegate more.

Delegation is essential for growing any business – especially for the solopreneur. When you first start delegating responsibilities in your business, it’s kind of like bringing your child to school for the very first time. It’s hard to let go, and you’re worried about your baby being properly cared for. But as you know you must drive away for your child’s own good, the same holds true for delegating responsibilities in your business – it’s for its own good.

The key to delegating effectively is to delegate those things which you are not good at, and which you do not like to do. This is how delegation helps you love your business more, because you get to do more of the things that you already love to do. The sooner you can afford to delegate responsibilities the better. The longer you try to manage everything on your own, the harder it will be to delegate down the road.

Stop thinking about what your business is going to get for you, and start thinking more about how your business can serve others.

Selfish motives will make you miserable. If your only reason for being in business for yourself is to make as much money as you possibly can, you’re going to end up becoming a miserable slave to your business. Passion goes a long way when it comes to running your own business. Not only do you have to fully believe in the products and services that you provide, but you must feel that your efforts are truly worthwhile.

One of the most effective ways to increase your affection for your business is to really understand how you provide value to your clients, and realize that your contribution to the marketplace matters. Once you’ve established this mindset about your business, your products, and your services you will find an intrinsic sense of importance about your work. Having this intrinsic desire to carry out the mission of your business will not only help you love your business more, but it is a fundamental element of a long-lasting and prosperous business.

Why Loving Your Business Matters

You spend hours upon hours of your life working on growing and building your business. Why dedicate so much of that time to something that makes you miserable? Don’t get into an unhealthy (or even abusive) relationship with your business. Be bold in your business, set boundaries for yourself, and be a business owner that provides true value. Not only will you love your business a whole lot more, but so will your clients!

What do you do that helps you love your work even more? Can you think of any creative ways to bring more fun to your business? Let’s chat about it in the comments!