End Your Love Affair with White Sugar

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Strawberry Sprinkled with Sugar

You are in love with something that does not love you back. You think it loves you back, because it tickles your taste buds and makes you feel so good.

Yes, this something makes you feel good and even gives you a rush at times, only to let you down. And when it let’s you down, it really let’s you down.

But you love the rush and do not mind it letting you down. If something can make you feel so good and let you down at the same time, why would you keep running back to it over and over?

Unfortunately, many people are in love with this something and find it hard to end the love affair. But if I told you your health depended on it, would you end this love affair?  I would hope so, because after all, your health is what matters most. And no amount of love with this something should keep you in bondage.

It is now time to tell you what most of us have a love affair with. We love it so much and cannot get enough of it. Ladies and gentlemen the love affair is with none other than sugar. That’s right, not just any sugar, but white sugar! White sugar takes you on a high and then crashes you all at the same time.

What is white sugar?

White sugar is commonly known as sucrose. White sugar is highly processed and is a pure chemical product. White sugar is found in almost all processed foods. It is even found in meats, processed vegetables and toothpaste. Everywhere you turn, white sugar is right there.

The refining of sugar is highly dependent upon chemicals. You can learn more about this in White Sugar: The No Nutrition Food.

Reasons Why you Should Stay Away from White Sugar

(1). White sugar leaches vitamins and minerals from your blood and bones. Why? Because it is refined and not whole. Which in turn causes the body to give up vitamins and minerals to break down the sugar.

(2). White sugar suppresses your immune system. Why? Because the hormone, insulin, involved in handling excess sugar in the body remains in the system in excess. This creates imbalances, which in turn messes with those hormones involved with the immune system.

(3). Sugar gives you highs and lows. It gives you a high as in your blood sugar peaks, which can cause nausea, headaches and fatigue. But as your blood sugar lows/crashes, you become irritable, anxious, dizzy, have heart palpitations, cry and become depressed. This leads to more cravings for sugar.

(4). White sugar associated with cancer. Excess insulin in the system due to handling the sugar promotes the growth of certain kinds of cancer cells (breasts, ovaries, lung, colon, prostate, and stomach).

(5). Sugar makes you fat. It is not only fat that makes us fat. Refined sugar eaten in excess gets converted into fat. Be careful with the desserts and sweet beverages.

(6). Sugar contributes to insulin resistance and diabetes. When refined sugar is in your blood, your pancreas produces insulin to balance your blood sugar levels. But if you are constantly eating refined sugars, these sugars are in your blood all the time, which results in insulin not working well to remove that sugar from your blood. The sugar does not make it to the cells, which results in insulin resistance. This results in your blood sugar remaining high all the time.

Editor’s note: Learning this motivates me to lay off the processed foods and to stay away from the sweet foods.  Just because it is vegan does not make it healthy or good for you.

Alternative Sweeteners

If you must sweeten your foods, stick with those sweeteners that are whole, having undergone little to no processing. Here is a list of vegan sweeteners to give you an idea of  what you may consider.

The best sweeteners, are nature’s candy.  Nature’s candy is what is found in nature.  And that is fruit!  Dates are one example of fruit sweeteners that you can use to sweeten nut/seed milks as well as smoothies.  Dates are also good to use in desserts or to have as a snack.

Do not think about consuming artificial sweeteners. If you think white sugar wreaks havoc in the body, artificial sweeteners are even worse.

Learn more about how sugar ruins your health.

Call to Action

If you have a problem with consuming to many sweet foods, decide today that you will cut back on your sweet food consumption. Eat more whole foods that already have natural sweeteners.  Whatever you do, do not ever over do it.

Aren’t you tired of being up and down?  Don’t you think it is time that you end your love affair with white sugar today?