Facebook, Winner of Addict Nation, and Disqus Comments

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I’m going to try and cover a bunch of things in this one post, so here goes!

First Things First! Addict Nation Book Winner

We only had three entries to the Addict Nation giveaway to my knowledge, so there was no need to do any sort of random drawing. I read all three and felt they were all awesome, passionate posts, and each were very different. Overall, I felt that Michelle from ItalianMamaChef’s post was truly standout. It is difficult to be so transparent and I am one who will wear my heart on my sleeve in the same way (maybe I am part Italian, who knows), and I have to give her credit for that. So congrats to Michelle at ItalianMamaChef for winning a copy of Addict Nation by Jane Velez-Mitchell! I will connect with you via email on the details.

If you haven’t watched Jane’s video about this book, I strongly recommend that you do. Addiction isn’t some far off thing that you don’t have to worry about, it is everywhere, and it affects everything and all of us as a community.

Winner! Italian Mama Chef, Post: A Nation of Addicts?

italian mama chef

Runners Up: Kadeejia Irvin, Post: Addictions & Tasha Schmidt, Post: Addictions

paid mommy

tasha schmidt

Facebook – Check us out!

If you haven’t caught up with us on Facebook yet, please do! The connection there is different than it is here and on Twitter – you can leave messages asking questions, tell me if something is broken (ha) or just say hello. You can also feel free to share your posts there or connect with the group. So go join us!

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To Disqus or Not to Disqus

It’s been a long time since I thought about changing comment systems. As much as I love CommentLuv, I am getting sick of the WordPress problems, such as false-positive spam, or spam getting through, or whitelists not working. I have had it nearly up to my neck with it all!

On my brand new site, I am going to be using Disqus from the beginning; I know it works best that way. Disqus has its issues, from what I can remember, but what is clear from some of the other major blogs that use it (John Paul Aguiar, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Social Media Examiner, She Takes on the World) is that the comments tend to be more genuine. I don’t know if the spam problem is the same or not. Akismet stinks, and the problem with G.A.S.P. is that a surprising number of comments that I would consider spam were getting through.

So here is the situation: I may be installing Disqus on this blog again. That means that Comment Luv will go away. I would like to try and find a system that doesn’t require so much clean up on my part.

What do you think about that?