Polyvore.com – A Great Site for Women Who Can’t Dress

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Pardon me while I hijack the style column for a moment.

I can’t dress. The problem is that I can’t put things together. If I were to win, say, a $5000 shopping spree and be dropped in the middle of New York City, I would have no idea how to spend it. In fact, I’d probably NOT spend it, and look like an idiot sifting through clothing racks.


It’s funny how things work out. I was checking out the new 30secondMBA.com site (you may recognize that from the two vids I’ve posted here from Fast Company’s 30 Second MBA series). I came across a set of videos from some Polyvore team members. I was so interested in that name, Polyvore, that I Googled it and visited the site, Polyvore.com.

Holy online styling assistant batman!

Now, this site has been around forever and a half. I am always late to the game. But I know that there are people later than me, so this post is for them. :)

I don’t remember how I got to this thing that lets you sort through a bunch of different things – dresses, bags, shoes, accessories, pictures of models, etc., but I’m glad that I did. It was the absolute coolest thing I’ve seen. You basically drag and drop different pieces onto a “board” that ends up looking like the one I created below. Again, this has probably existed for a long time and I have finally crawled out from under my rock, but allow me my five minutes of awe, please.

What I liked most about this “look” creator were the Templates. This is what I used, because I have no ability to dress myself whatsoever. The templates are a sort of inspiration. The lettering and layout of the template I chose gave me inspiration and helped me think of a color scheme. It told me what I needed – I needed to find an image of a model, a dress, a few accessories, a bag, a pair of shoes, and some kind of stock image (I chose a picture of a bottle of perfume).

Here’s what I made. It looks exactly like the layout in a magazine (it probably IS the layout in a magazine). I, of course, started with the shoes, then found an accessory (sunglasses), then the dress, and the rest after that. Okay and confession time: You would not catch me buying this outfit as is, unless of course I really did win a $5000 shopping spree!

Note: Polyvore.com provides all of the embed code and sharing capability. This is a style bloggers dream technology-wise and a frumpy dresser’s best friend style-wise.

Where this gets good:

If you don’t know how to shop – these images tell you EXACTLY where to buy them and EXACTLY what they cost. Priceless.

If you aren’t sure whether the look is right, you can publish your set to facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, etc. and get opinions from other people. You can also join groups, connect with friends, leave comments on other people’s sets and receive comments on yours.

If you are a stylist or style blogger:

This is a great way to easily put together looks and make the images clickable so your readers can actually go and find those pieces.

I feel very liberated right now.