Have You Forgotten the Power of LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn LogoI came across this short little video that shows some LinkedIn

statistics as a way to highlight the good old fashioned (aka old school) networking power there. This may have been created as a response to the recent article on Social Media Examiner that talks about LinkedIn hitting 100 million members.

It seems to funny to consider LinkedIn old school social networking, but I can see why the creators of the video call it that. With all the “new” forms of connecting and demonstrating expertise, LinkedIn seems aged.

Before you get to the video, here’s why I like LinkedIn, old fashioned or not:

  • Demonstrated networking power. I can speak to at least three specific, personal examples of how LinkedIn hooked me up with qualified prospects just in the last 30 days.
  • Direct networking. In most cases, I prefer the path of least resistance. LinkedIn provides such a path. LinkedIn Answers, especially, is a great way to connect with someone who needs what you do and simply does not know that you are out there. I’ve also found LinkedIn Groups to be helpful, as well as just browsing a connection’s contacts and sending invitations to people I believe I can help.
  • Direct contact. When you are prospecting leads, go back to LinkedIn to find them. First, see if you have a Shared Group connection, and if you do, send them a LinkedIn connection request on those grounds. That brings you one step closer to a face-to-face (or telephone/Skype) meeting with them. You might be surprised at the invitation acceptance rate. Often, people on LinkedIn will share email address and phone number information that is inaccessible via Facebook or Twitter. I have actually done this, have you?

I haven’t covered many of the advanced uses – these are just the ways LinkedIn stands out to me as one of the best, if not the best, professional networking tools.

Have you forgotten the power of LinkedIn for networking?

Do you connect on LinkedIn? Why, or why not?

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Welcome Back to Good Old Fashioned Networking and Deal Making via LinkedIn from MMLabs on Vimeo.