Today’s Question: What would you do with $15,000? (One Question Series)

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On Fortunate Surprises: If you received $15,000 cash tomorrow, what would you do with it?


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Alease Michelle

Annemarie Cross

I have been in USA for a few months, spending some time with my hubby after being apart for a year (because of his work). If I got $15.000 tomorrow, the only thing I would do is fly my family from Serbia to USA. I miss them so much. I know they would love it and I know I would be so happy seeing them.

Brankica Underwood

Oh my gosh what a question! There is a cliché saying that artists are “starving artists” and, while I’m certainly not starving, purchasing supplies is always a challenge. My biggest use would be to upgrade some technology, lay in supplies and keep aside some for upcoming exhibition and show fees. This amount of cash would allow me to purchase a new laptop, a new camera, and an iPad2. It would allow me to purchase the newest version of Photoshop. It would allow me to purchase basic supplies for my work such as mosaic tiles, glue, supports, photo paper, ink jet inks, and other supplies sorely needed for my studio. I’d love to have a supply of mosaic stone tiles…but those are far outside my current budget right now. For artists, part of the marketing of their work is entering shows, festivals and exhibitions but those all have entry fees…some of them pretty steep. I’d like to have an amount set aside for those needs. Wow. If only.

Linda Smith

The $15,000.00 would be put towards my two sons’ university fees. My eldest son will be in 3rd year university next year and my youngest will be in first year. It’s expensive! Meanwhile, I’ll keep making and selling helmet covers to help pay for their educations.

Karyn Climas

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Italianmamachef March 24, 2011 at 2:22 am

We would pay off as much debt as possible then put the rest into savings. We are working the Dave Ramsey plan to financial freedom. Sure, we might budget in a few hundred for a small trip or clothes but it would be planned for. No more big impulsive spending binges when windfalls come our way.

LisaMillerAngelettie March 23, 2011 at 10:46 pm

I’d love to get a new car. I’ve been putting it off because my car is paid for and I don’t want the “note” in this economy; But in reality I should split the 15,000 three ways and throw it into my girls’ 529 plans – boring!!!

Alex@Jocuri March 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Hello Tia,

If I would somehow get 15000 dollars I would pay all my credit cards and hope I never have to deal with banks again, I would buy some new clothes and I might plan a small vacation to relax, because I hadn’t had one in a long time. I also think I would save some of the money for rainy days and maybe get some interest for them.

Also, since I am staying in a rented apartment (which I don’t really like but it’s cheap) I would move to a new one and if I still had something remained I would invest it in my business!

Fenny March 22, 2011 at 10:47 am

Oh my, that would be such a gift! I would start a shelter for prostitutes and trafficked girls in Ukraine; start a huge prevention project re trafficking & HIV among youth in schools, colleges, universities; befriend and have camps for (socially) orphaned kids and offer professional training so they don’t end up on the street to name just a few things!
Oh, and just in case you would think I am only altruistic: I definitely will get me an iPhone, a new laptop, and thinking of a new wardrobe (from the thrift store, but in my taste and the good stuff, but thrifty and frugal are not bad, imho. Haven’t had the opportunity to buy my own stuff for a couple of years b/c of low income, but that’s ok, for now 🙂 )

Monica Dennis March 21, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Found money! I’d pay off my credit card debt, of course! After that, I’m off to update my and my mother’s cell phones; get a new laptop (doesn’t have to be a Mac this time around) so my son can take my old one; and get me an iPad for the fun of it! Then I’d finally completely decorate one of the rooms of my house after 4 years of living here way under-decorated and the rest stays in my bank account to give me a cushion between paychecks while I bump up my car payment, savings, college accounts and 401k using the money I would have been paying off credit cards with. Bring it!

Tia Peterson March 21, 2011 at 10:17 pm

I would SO be getting an iPad. I think I would work more outside of my home if I had one.

Looks like you’ve thought some things through, Monica!!! 🙂

Elge Premeau March 21, 2011 at 7:58 pm

I would use it to make the transition from being tied to the billable hour to making the bulk of my income from writing and selling info products. I’d take $5,000 to cover my bills for 2 months and in that time write like crazy! I’d take the other $10,000 to build out the infrastructure, do promotions and hire a VA to manage the day to day stuff so I can keep writing.

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