Today’s Question: What would you do with $15,000? (One Question Series)

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On Fortunate Surprises: If you received $15,000 cash tomorrow, what would you do with it?


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Alease Michelle

Annemarie Cross

I have been in USA for a few months, spending some time with my hubby after being apart for a year (because of his work). If I got $15.000 tomorrow, the only thing I would do is fly my family from Serbia to USA. I miss them so much. I know they would love it and I know I would be so happy seeing them.

Brankica Underwood

Oh my gosh what a question! There is a cliché saying that artists are “starving artists” and, while I’m certainly not starving, purchasing supplies is always a challenge. My biggest use would be to upgrade some technology, lay in supplies and keep aside some for upcoming exhibition and show fees. This amount of cash would allow me to purchase a new laptop, a new camera, and an iPad2. It would allow me to purchase the newest version of Photoshop. It would allow me to purchase basic supplies for my work such as mosaic tiles, glue, supports, photo paper, ink jet inks, and other supplies sorely needed for my studio. I’d love to have a supply of mosaic stone tiles…but those are far outside my current budget right now. For artists, part of the marketing of their work is entering shows, festivals and exhibitions but those all have entry fees…some of them pretty steep. I’d like to have an amount set aside for those needs. Wow. If only.

Linda Smith

The $15,000.00 would be put towards my two sons’ university fees. My eldest son will be in 3rd year university next year and my youngest will be in first year. It’s expensive! Meanwhile, I’ll keep making and selling helmet covers to help pay for their educations.

Karyn Climas

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