5 Simple Tips For Customer Profile Success

in Business

customer profile successCould you give a detailed profile of your key customers

or customer group in 60 seconds?

That is apart from some demographic information. If you can, that is fantastic.

If you can’t then you could be missing out and making the marketing of your brand that much harder to do.

The reason is based on common sense. The more you know about your customers the easier it is to have strong relationships.  Just like it is with your friends in your personal life if you think about it.

The deeper the understanding the less you are relying on guesswork for your brand positioning, key messages, product or service development etc.

Here are 5 simple tips for success:

Take your time

Unless you conduct research it will take time to build comprehensive profiles of your key customers. The first step is to write down what you want to include such as their buying behaviour, interests, influencers, attitudes towards your brand and the market.

Keep it real

Don’t guess or assume you know as it can lead you in the wrong direction with the marketing of your brand.

As you find out the information the similarities of your key customers will become obvious. This is what will make the difference when communicating with them and attracting others with a similar profile.

Learn to observe

Listening is important; however, it is the power of observation that can help you work out what the true insights are that will lead to stronger relationships and sales.

The observations cover their behaviour and what they think and feel not only about your brand but also about the market you compete in. If they are online then you will find they are leaving hints that help you understand them more.

Use the data

It is one thing to get the data however unless you use it is complete waste of time. Remember as you gain the information and you have a key customer profile you do need to check it against all elements regarding the marketing of your brand.

For example you may find that there are opportunities to refine or change the products or services you sell that will increase the buying frequency.

Don’t put it off

You may think you are too busy to do this. In reality the earlier you start building and using the customer profile information the quicker you will be more effective with the marketing of your brand.

The last point is to make sure you update the profile information as customer’s attitudes and behaviour can change over time.

Do you have customer profiles for your brand?