Are you trying to do too much?

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Since it’s inventory/re-prioritization month, and because I was feeling particularly overwhelmed today (last night to you now) I thought I’d make a list of everything I am trying to do and ask myself if it’s too much. A part of me thinks it shouldn’t be, that I should be doing more, even. The mental image? Slugging down Red Bull at midnight and carrying on. What is wrong with this picture!?

  • bizchickblogs
  • Uncorporate Blogging
  • Training new employee
  • Work for existing clients
  • Working to get new clients
  • Organizing the home office better
  • Church
  • Church choir
  • Tucson networking
  • Finagling a night out somehow
  • Looking for a babysitter
  • Figuring out how to afford the new babysitter
  • Working on three year old son’s hitting issue at school
  • Working on three year old son’s toy-sharing issue at school
  • Get insurance straight so three year old son can get his bazillion and a half fillings taken care of
  • Budgeting
  • Housework
  • Scouting new digs
  • Scouting new furniture
  • Trying to track expenses
  • Trying to track mileage
  • Finding time to call everyone back so my voice mailbox doesn’t get full again
  • Figuring out how not to be overwhelmed

Although there are a couple of items up there that are strictly emotional or mental in nature, there are so many more. Even though those “things” are primarily in my head, they are still “things to do” and they take time and resources.

How to Avoid Having Too Many Things to Do?

I’m not sure. But here is a really good article on it.

So is my list too much? Probably not; it certainly feels that way.

But now that everything’s written down – the inventory part – what’s next is re-prioritization. It’s possible that some of these things need to be taken care of immediately in order to relieve the stress certain ones cause. Kinda like the debt snowball – paying down your little items first and rolling the money into the big items? Same thing with this – it’s about taking care of the little ones so that I can dedicate more mental resources to the big ones.

Who’s with me!? :)

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