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stroehmann whole grain white bread

New product launch helps the community

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I go shopping. There are so many products to choose from in any given category that it can be tough to decide what I want to buy.  Sometimes the choices are easy and it’s based on price or convenience.

I have found recently that sometimes my choices are made by the company and things I have seen them do in my community. If I feel like they are doing things that I support than I feel better buying their products.

The Stroehmann bread company introduced a new product. They are a division of Bimbo Bakeries USA.  They created  a whole grain white bread. It’s a good alternative especially when you have people in your family who prefer white bread but you would rather they eat whole wheat for the extra nutrition.

As part of the process to introduce the new product they sponsored a Walk/Run for Hunger in Philadelphia on April 9th. The money raised by the registration fees and teams that participated is being used to help food pantries in the Southeastern PA and Southern NJ area.

In addition to the money raised, the participants got free loaves of bread, tote bags and coupons for a free loaf the next them they shop.

The bread that wasn’t given out was donated directly to the food bank to be distributed to needy families. There are a lot of ways to promote a new product when it launches using traditional media. But realizing that you are part of a community and your launch can help those less fortunate makes me not only want to try your product but respect your business philosophy.