3 ways video marketing can pump up your small business

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How to usse video marketing for your small business

I’ve had using video for Small Business Bliss on my to-do list for a long time. What finally got me going?

I stumbled upon some crazy powerful video marketing stats from Scott at Sales Tip a Day. Here’s a taste…

• 90% of all web traffic by 2013 will be video
• Seeing a video makes e-commerce site visitors 85% more likely to buy
• Google loves video – video (properly optimized) increases the chance of a front page Google result by 53x

If you aren’t using video for your small business, I’d say it’s pretty good time to start!

3 ways to use video in your marketing

1. Show off your product
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth a lot more! Showing your product in use or in action is a very powerful way to “prove” its qualities. Video adds an additional dimension to your potential customer’s experience, and helps them to better visualize actually having your product in hand.

Small business example: Susie, owner of Indigo Star, makes handmade jewelry. Her creations are beautiful. The photos on her website showcase this, but her monthly video with her wearing her latest design really pumps it up. You get to  see what the jewelry looks like when worn and how the creations sparkle.

2. Showcase your business
Photos and an engaging about page on your website are a great way to help foster a personal connection with your customers. A video amps it up big time.

Your customers want to get a idea of you and your business. They want to know what you’re all about and whether or not they want to give you their money. By watching you, listening to you speak and/or seeing your business in action,   customers will feel a much stronger sense of connection to your business.  Video is the next best thing to meeting or visiting your business in person.

Small business example: Stafford Street Hot Yoga in Winnipeg has a great video on their website with testimonials and other information about hot yoga. You see the studio, see people in action, meet some of the students. One of the most powerful parts for me is seeing the owner, Amanda, talk about her business. Not only does she just glow with good health (no better proof that Birkam works!) but she gives off a passion and a love for what she does. You can tell she’s on a mission with her studio.  A photo or the sharpest copy in the world wouldn’t get that message across as effectively.

Susie in the above example does a great job of this as well. You can see her passion about her jewellery and how psyched she is about her latest designs.

3. Educate and Instruct
If you want to demonstrate how to do something, it doesn’t get much better than video. Whether you’re using computer screen shots, or you have someone doing an in-person demo, video is a great teaching tool and makes things that would be very long-winded a breeze.

Small business example: Lorros offers a super flexible online meeting tool that allows businesses and organizations to have virtual discussions with attendees participating when and where they want. Talk about boosting productivity! They use screenshot videos to help their customers navigate the system and demonstrate how to do things for those that need a little extra support.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’re looking for some more video marketing ideas, check out this post from Social Media Examiner, where they share lots more video ideas.

Ready to get going? Let’s look at some options for video creation options.

Video creation options

First off, you will need either an actual video camera, or a web cam (or both, depending on what you want to do). You should also get a free You Tube account set up, so that you can easily share your videos online and get some Google juice.

To shoot a video of yourself

If you want to do it web cam style (ie. You sitting and talking) you can try to use You Tube’s free mywebcam option. I had some problems with audio delay, so I got much better results simply using my built in web cam software and then uploading it to You Tube myself.

If you’re using a video camera, simply get it on to your computer and then upload it to You Tube.

To do screenshots

If your educational video involves using a screenshot of what you’re actually doing on your computer, like I did for this Facebook pages video, I highly recommend Jing Pro. It’s easy to use, and you can upload to You Tube and Facebook in one click. Max video length is 5 minutes. At $14.95 per year, it’s a very cost effective option.

Vimeo is another option that many businesses use for $59.95 per year. If you don’t want your video available to the general public, you can keep it private.

To get fancy

If you want a fancier video with branding, music and other features and you’re going to do it yourself, Camtasia Studio comes highly recommended as an editing option.

Video has so much potential and if you’re the creative type, the sky’s the limit. Remember not to take it too seriously or get too worked up over it.  Just go for it and have fun in the making. Your videos don’t have to be super professional to be effective.

Image source: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net