WAHM: To Preschool or Not to Preschool?

in Business

My recent Twitter status went a little like this:

Keeping the 3yo home tomorrow means staying up late and doing all my work tonight. And I ran out of coffee! Aaaaaaaah!!

It got me thinking a little about the whole WAHM thing and kids and work and preschool and what’s necessary and what’s a luxury. Preschool was certainly a convenient idea. Much more convenient than feeling like I was going to go insane trying to work from home with a 2 1/2 year old around. Now that he’s 3 1/2, doesn’t like preschool, has been getting “in trouble” a lot at preschool, nevermind mysterious blackeyes from preschool and all sorts of other sign posts, I’m reconsidering the true WAHM thing.


I have been a WAHM on and off since my son was born. I say on and off because at various times throughout his life, he has gone into full-time childcare. The decisions regarding FT childcare have largely been based on convenience – whether or not it was convenient for me to have him around while I was trying to work.

I’m the sole caretaker and sole financial provider, so working “full-time” isn’t exactly an option. However, in reality I work about half of the time, and spend the rest of the time in business development.,

What does this have to do with preschool?

Well, this is the crossroad: Route A is preschool and business development. Life as it is currently. Route B is no preschool and no business development. Income continues, but the business doesn’t “grow,” per se. It certainly will grow as I begin to add classes (starting in June) and produce products, but finding the time to do those things with the bull in a china shop around isn’t easy. Doable, though. And that’s the thought I have to keep in mind.

Can I do “True” WAHM Successfully?

Here’s what I’ve finally started to realize as I wrestle once again with the thought of keeping Aidan home full time while I work around him (and that’s precisely what it will be – working around him)… I’m perfectly sufficient as a mother. I’m an academic-type, and he learns well with me, so there will be no problems continuing his education – in fact, it will probably be better than what it is right now because of the undivided attention. He’s also perfectly happy at home, and the much-needed socialization with children his age happens at least every Wednesday and Sunday at church and then on Saturdays at the playgrounds. I’m convinced that it will be a better situation for him if he stays at home full time with me until he’s four, or even until kindergarten.

So the decision is really about what preschool means to me and my work, as a WAHM. For 5 months I’ve enjoyed the kid-free days as he’s gone away (unhappily) to preschool and come back around dinner time. Tomorrow I will be keeping him home, not as a test, since it takes more than a day to figure this stuff out, but I expect to learn something from it.

We shall see! Wish us luck. :)