June 2011

Digital Fashion: Forget the High Street, Shop ’til You Drop Online

by Guest Contributor June 29, 2011

How do we make shopping easier? Here are some apps that will make shopping a ritual and not a nightmare.

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Facebook Edgerank. Or, I’m sorry I keep hijacking your home feed.

by bizchick June 28, 2011

Ever log into Facebook and wonder why the same people or pages seem to be hijacking your home feed? How come those particular people get all the attention, all the time? It may seem like every time you log in, there they are, even if their status is 24 hours old. One (real) reason: EdgeRank. […]

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Marketing Lessons From Street Teams

by Donina Ifurung June 28, 2011

Marketing is everywhere. Whether you are at home, driving, at work, at school, or at recreation, something and someone is marketing to us. As a marketing professional, I’ve learned from the best, and I can also take a lesson from some of the worst. As an observer of life and people, I decided to take […]

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