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Foodzie is the type of company you wish you thought of first. Or, at least, I wish I had thought of it first.

foodzie-may-tasting-boxIf you haven’t heard of them yet, Foodzie is an online artisan food shop – they connect small artisan food merchants with their serious foodie customer base. They also have an awesome (and genius) product called the Foodzie Tasting Box. Think wine of the month club meets gourmet snack food. Every month, they pull together a bunch of samples from new merchants, put them in a box, and send them out to everyone who signed up for a tasting box. Tasting boxes are available via subscription. You can buy a subscription for yourself, or gift one to someone you love (like me :)).

I found out about them through a client of mine who happens to be one of their merchants. She sent me one of her extra tasting boxes for May. What was in it?

  • Dried Pineapple from Peeled Snacks
  • Traditional Alfajores from Dulce Caramel Co (Read about alfajores at
  • Lemon Poppyseed and Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari
  • Black Truffle and Fresh Thyme Herbed Sea Salts from Woody’s Gourmet
  • Pure Southern Iced Tea from Pluff Iced Tea
  • Classic Seaweed Snack box SeaSnax
  • A recipe for roasted chicken using the herbed sea salts

Nomnomnom – Best in the box

Well, before we got even two blocks from the mailbox, my son and I had devoured the dried pineapple. I’ve actually been a fan of Peeled Snacks for awhile, so this particular merchant wasn’t new to us. They sell Peeled Snacks at Starbucks around here. My son did a double-take at the pineapple (it kind of looks like mulch) but after tasting it, was all about it.

But hands down, the very best in the box from the mommy perspective was the herbed sea salts. Yet another business idea I wish I had thought of. Absolutely brilliant. Fresh black truffle (fresh, not dried, which is a big difference apparently) and thyme, truffle oil, garlic, and sea salt. They included TWO sample packets, which trust me, go a really long way. My mom (more of a cook than me) used the herbed sea salts to create a rub for grilled tilapia and steak, and I used it to bath corn on the cob that I grilled in the husk. It was absolutely delicious.

Honorable mention goes to the Lemon Poppyseed biscotti. I have to admit, I was not brave enough to try it. I’m not a fan of biscotti and had my doubts about what it would taste like. So I gave it to my three year old. LOL He munched an entire piece and then brought the other to me to open! He absolutely loved it. I guess I have a three year old with discerning taste.

Back in the box…

…went the seaweed snack. Neither my son nor I were a fan, sorry! Perhaps it’s because we don’t have enough salt in our blood anymore after living in Arizona. I don’t know. I was not into it. My son definitely wasn’t into it! On the box, it says that it’s a kid-friendly snack. Not in my experience. Perhaps if we pour candied sugar all over it. I simply couldn’t get the taste of what seemed like raw shellfish out of my mouth. And to be really honest with you, I had to put the  open package inside of a sandwich bag because it smelled so strongly.

Just me. I’m sure people who like seaweed would find the roasted seaweed snacks a delight. Maybe I’m not that much of a foodie if I don’t like seaweed!

I’ve yet to try to the southern iced tea, but I’m sure it will be lovely. My son wasn’t fond of the traditional alfajores but I did like it and luckily there were two, because that means I can eat the other with coffee or maybe a glass of the iced tea that was in the box.

Have you tried the Foodzie Tasting Box?

Let me know. And check out if the above was convincing enough to check it out for yourself. Also, on their Facebook page, they always have snackers uploading pictures of their tasting boxes, so you can see what’s been in previous ones.

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Red Kathy June 18, 2011 at 12:35 am

Hey Tia, Great box of exquisite treats. Yep I wish i had thought of this too! I’m a seafood fan and don’t think seaweed snacks would be too good by themselves. Maybe try crushing them and use in place of bread crumbs or a grilled fish topping. Might be tasty that way!

Hope you had a good week.

Mywritingworld June 15, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Hi Tia:

Your post made my mouth water. But I stick to fresh fruit and my made food, so I know well what is in it.

I am a bore now when it comes to food. I want to cut my medical bills as much as I can. Food is for young folks like you. But I did enjoy reading your post. the names of the products are awesome and your words make it even more tempting.

All the best

Fran a

SandySidhu June 15, 2011 at 4:47 pm

ooh that sounds awesome! I wonder if they ship to Canada..will have to look into it.


GingerAndScotch June 14, 2011 at 9:37 am

I would have eaten the seaweed snack for you Tia!

A fruit and veg box service called bumble_box was just launched in Dubai – consolidating locally grown veg from the region. Unlike the snacks though, these have to be used up quickly before they spoil so I feel pressured sometimes to think of something creative to cook up!

Tia Peterson June 13, 2011 at 12:30 pm

sweetsfoods @Gera Ha! I love the tags, too! Since there is still one biscotti left, I will try it. You’ve convinced me!

The alfajores that we got wasn’t covered in chocolate. I bet my son would have liked it more if it was. The one thing that was difficult is that the shortbread is really crumbly and doesn’t hold up well, so I think it was hard for him to eat it. My mom and I both tried it and liked it, though. It’s definitely rich.

Thanks for stopping by! You have a great week, too, Gera!

Gera June 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Hi tiapeterson -love those tags 😉

I wish I’ve a company with these delights near here…I can eat snacks all the time and need to do workouts accordingly 🙂

Dried pineapple is a scrumptious snack and healthy too. I like also dried peaches.

Almond biscotti, OMG other that I can eat by tons… and more exercise.

And speaking about alfajores, well …with dulce de leche (dulce caramel) coated with chocolate is heavenly.

Imagine they sell them here by dozens! Thanks a lot for mentioning my sweet post about them 🙂

After all these sweetness ….need extra some dollops of dulce de leche LOL!

Have a great week!


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