Got an Appointment-Based Business? Let Your Calendar Arrange Itself

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For most of us women, multi-tasking is a concept that we learn to embrace overtime. However, for businesswomen—especially those who also happen to moms—multi-tasking isn’t just a skill or a habit, it’s a way of life.

But even the most adept in juggling obligations could use some assistance, especially when it comes to handling small and administrative details. After all, the key to great multi-tasking is constantly being on top of the roles and responsibilities that significantly add value to your life—whether it’s being a good mom, a loving wife, a savvy entrepreneur, or all of the above. Of course, this is not to say that administrative duties can be ignored. But the good news is, these tasks can be delegated, or better yet, they can be automated.

Enter Designed for appointment-based businesses, Schedulicity automates and streamlines the mundane task of calendar management by allowing users to schedule appointments through a business’ website, Facebook page, or even using their mobile phones.


Clients get the benefit of scheduling appointments even when they’re out and about, and you, as a business owner, can go on with your day while focusing more on actually doing business rather than worrying about missing a call for an appointment. And since the service lets people book meetings 24-7, you can spend non-business hours strictly with your loved ones, while letting your appointment calendar arrange itself on its own. Your clients, on the other hand, can enjoy the convenience of not having to adjust to business hours to call and schedule an appointment.

Another great feature of Schedulicity is its quick integration with social media. The ability to book appointments using Facebook can engage fans and followers, and its convenience can even prod them to schedule a meeting right on the spot. Their widget can also be added to just about any website including LinkedIn and Craigslist.

It’s pretty evident that in this day and age, technology is on our side, and women should definitely take notice and see what it can do for them.  Jerry Nettuno, co-founder of Schedulicity mentioned that several appointment-based businesses including salons, yoga studios, and even accounting firms are owned by women. “Women schedule a lot of appointments, and they make up a significant part of our market.”

It is also for this reason that the company teamed up with popular mommy blog, The Mogul Mom. Founder Heather Allard said that, “Joining forces with Schedulicity will introduce these women to a service that will help them successfully juggle work and play.” This, in turn will “help mom entrepreneurs grow their business affordably and efficiently so they have the income and time to spend on and with their family doing the things they love.”

Since its launch in 2009, Schedulicity has helped around 12,000 businesses in just over 2000 cities in the US and Canada. To date, more than 5,000,000 appointments have been booked, with about one appointment every five seconds being made through their services.

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chescastaana July 22, 2011 at 1:37 pm

@Tia Peterson I completely agree. Thanks for publishing it! 🙂

Tia Peterson July 22, 2011 at 1:32 pm

The ability to book appointments through Facebook is pretty cool. Thanks for the article, Francesca!

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