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Hi everyone! It’s time for a new comment policy at bizchickblogs. We have a new commenting system – LiveFyre – as well as a bunch of new authors and readers! So, I figured it was time to create and update a comment policy.

For the most part, active readers understand how commenting works here, but I’d still love your feedback, especially if you think I am missing something here, or you have a better idea, or you don’t understand a part of the policy.

I’m posting the policy below, but it is also available on its own page: comment policy.

Thank you in advance and your feedback is coveted!


Tia Comment Policy

We appreciate your comments so much! Thank you for being part of the community. For the most part, we will accept all comments that are thoughtful, add to the conversation, provide additional insight, or ask questions/raise issues.

Your comments at bizchickblogs are not only welcome but encouraged, provided you do not do the following:

  • Add irrelevant external links. An irrelevant external link is a link inserted into the comment that does not add value or information to the post or discussion. Generally, linking to your own website from within the body of the post is considered irrelevant. You are welcome to create a LiveFyre profile and link your username to your website.
  • Comment anonymously. This is not an anonymous blog, it’s a community of real authors and real readers. We expect that if you take the time to comment, you will have a real name. However, we understand the need for privacy on the web and reserve the right to exercise our own judgment here.
  • Comments that are abusive, explicitly sexual, hateful, or contain gratuitous profanity. Just don’t go there. If you do, your comment will be removed and you will be banned as a user from ever leaving comments again. And note that being banned and flagged at this blog may affect your ability to leave comments on other LiveFyre and WordPress blogs, as well.

Again, we love conversation and want to encourage you to comment. We reserve the right to do our best to keep bizchickblogs a safe place where people can discuss openly and freely.

Questions about commenting here? Please feel free to email me directly at

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