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While considering Augusts theme of “Overcoming the Overwhelm” I was delighted to interview Abbey Fatica, the owner and president of Living Your MoMent.  I have had the pleasure of working with Abbey this year and would love to shed some well deserved light on her incredible business. Enjoy!

Abbey Fatica of Living Your MoMentHi Abbey, tell our readers a little about your company, LYM

Living Your Moment was started in April 2009 when I was trying to figure out a
way to make some extra cash. I was a Stay at Home Mom to my daughter at the time and
really wanted to contribute somehow to our income. After searching online for many months, trying to come up products to sell and not being able to find anything that spoke to me, I had an AHA MoMent!

While watching Oprah one day, I was intrigued by the segment on MoM bloggers
and although I had never really thought about Blogging as an profession, Heather
Armstrong from changed my mind. Seeing how a mom just like myself could
make a living out of blogging about her life, I knew I could do it, too!

On top of just blogging, I wanted to offer some kind of service to family run
business owners. Our country was in one of the worst recessions since the great
depression and it’s hard to keep small businesses afloat let alone pay a fortune to
advertise. These types of businesses are usually hit the hardest when the economy is
bad and I didn’t want to see all of their efforts go to waste. So why not offer FREE
ADVERTISING. And that’s where we started!


So as a female entrepreneur, life has been a cake walk, right?

Yeah it’s been easy and I spend every day sitting in front of my bank account watching the dough roll in and eating bon bons. I wish! It is a struggle, because being a female entrepreneur and a work at home mom has a certain stigma to it where people think you aren’t serious about your job. I also don’t have a marketing or accounting background, so there were many aspects of the business that I had to learn on my own. It’s also been difficult figuring out where to get the funds to pay employees, cover overhead and make sure my graphics and own advertising is up to par.


What has been your biggest struggle as a WAHM?

After 2 years, I have finally figured a healthy balance between working and spending time with my children. The one thing that does suffer but is ok with me is my lack of cleaning. At one point, I’m going to have to take my own advice and outsource a cleaning service to take care of my house. I hate cleaning so this is something that I know someone else will do better than me. But I would say the biggest struggle is trying to find time just for me and taking care of mom. If I’m not taking caring of the kids, I’m usually at the computer working. But like many businesses at the beginning, it takes all your spare time to make it a success.

Having 2 small children at home, do you feel overwhelmed?

When I started Living Your Moment, I only had one child and finding time to work in between taking care of her was easy. She napped 3 hours a day and was in bed by 7-7:30 every night and my husband worked a lot of nights so I was able to put the time into the business. Then my world got flipped upside down and my second child was born so I had to take my nice perfect schedule and readjust it to what would work for us now.  I’m pretty much back to the original schedule that I had set except I only have one child that naps in the day, so I have to find activities for the older one.

What tools have you discovered to help you with overcoming the overwhelm?

I try not to overwhelm myself and come up with a schedule that works for us. This isn’t the same for other work at home parents, but this is what works for us and I don’t feel like I’m taking time away from anyone. I also tell myself to get the work done for the day that must get done and the rest will be ok till tomorrow. We are on the go a lot and I’m grateful for my smartphone so that I can answer quick emails, tweet a couple things and comment on status updates from Facebook.

What 1 piece of advice do you have for staying balanced?

I need to follow my own advice, but I would say putting the time into the business that it needs to succeed, spend time with your children and take time for yourself. The one way to do is not to think you can do it all on your own. Please don’t try. You will wear yourself thin and then no one will want to be around you. So if you are like me and hate to clean, hire a cleaning service. Or if you have a business but don’t have time to put into marketing and advertising then hire a company to do it for you (Like Living Your Moment) to handle all the extra work for you. You are great at a lot of things but you don’t have to be great at everything.

If I can just add one last thing, Living Your Moment is ready to take your business to the next level. We know that moms who run small businesses are strapped for time and Living Your Moment will provide affordable marketing for your business by doing the busy work for you. We don’t want to add to your already busy schedule. We want to give you the opportunity to be able to spend more time with your kids or perfecting your product.


"Living Your MoMent"



BIO: Abbey Fatica is the owner and president of Living Your Moment which she started in April 2009 as a way to market small businesses owned by moms and dads. She currently lives in Columbus,Ohio with her husband John of 5 years and their kids Luci (3.5), Jake (19 months) and expecting their 3rd in early January. She loves working from home and being able to raise her kids at the same time.


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LeighAnnTorres August 22, 2011 at 1:49 pm

It’s so nice to hear another busy mom say that it’s ok to let the housework slide a little. Great interview Christina!

Christina August 9, 2011 at 2:41 pm

I could not agree more! It takes a strong woman to go into business for herself. She inspires me daily! Thanks for your comment. @LAPTOURI

Tia Peterson August 9, 2011 at 9:27 am

I enjoyed reading this interview. She is really a courageous and a inspiration of other women.

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