August 2011 – Overcoming Overwhelm

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overcoming overwhelm

August at bizchickblogs is all about overcoming overwhelm as women, friends, moms, significant others, business owners, bloggers, and as unique individuals with dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Overwhelm affects us all, but especially those of us who have big dreams and plans for ourselves, and want to do something great with our lives.

I wish I could say going into this that I have it all together and my days are never overwhelming, and I wish I could say I’m a huge success in this area. But that’s not the case.

At first, I wanted to change the theme, because these days, I am personally so overwhelmed at times that I actually feel crushed by the weight of it. I was thinking, “Who am I to talk about overwhelm? I’m completely overwhelmed!”

But the theme is Overcoming Overwhelm. It’s a process that we all have to go through, myself included, and part of it is believing that it’s okay if you’re not there yet.

[pullquote]”When your world seems like too much to handle, just take a deep breath and laugh. It clears the mind and frees your spirit.”[/pullquote]

So this month, look out for tips, tools, stories, humor, and everything else I can find to help deal with overwhelm and eventually overcome it.

Be blessed!

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