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I’m excited to announce that the Featured Contributor here at bizchickblogs for September is Marnely Rodriguez.

I have come to know her as “Nelly” and she is a great writer and social media maven. Nelly’s food blog, called Cooking with Books, features all sorts of beautiful photos and recipes for food that truly comes from the heart. One thing you will quickly learn about Nelly is that she is a serious Twitter expert. If you want to know how to meet people on Twitter and turn mere social media¬†acquaintance¬†into friendship, just follow her and she how she works it!

Nelly is a trained pastry chef, so no wonder her recipes and flair for food dialogue are amazing. But she is also a skilled writer and writes freelance for several blogs/sites of various nature.

I’m proud to have Nelly in the bizchickblogs community!!

Check out the following posts on Cooking with Books to get to know Nelly better.

Past Featured Contributors

Because this is the first time I’m announcing the Featured Contributor through a blog post, I wanted to make sure you get a chance to see who has been named a Featured Contributor in the past. Everyone who contributes here at bizchickblogs is incredibly special to me; I love to take a month to feature just one person who contributed the previous month, as my way of publicly saying, “Thank you! You mean so much to this community!”

Thank you to everyone who contributes! I value and sincerely appreciate your readership and participation. Below are the past featured contributors. Please take some time to visit their author pages and visit their blogs!

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Tia Peterson September 4, 2011 at 11:53 pm

@Red Kathy Hey Kathy! Thanks for your comment! Nelly is a great addition to the authors here!

Red Kathy September 3, 2011 at 4:13 pm

Marnely’s recipes and photos are really amazing Tia! Looking forward to reading more from her here.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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