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As part of this month’s theme, I’m returning to one of my favorite subjects: blogging. This time, I’m putting it together with “on being women.” What do you get? Chick bloggers and women’s blogs.

Since Forbes just cannot be completely trusted (how could they leave us off the top 100 list? I mean, seriously), it’s up to us – those of us who are in the trenches – to celebrate ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. After all, it’s constantly being said that women simply do not brag enough about themselves. Ladies, this is your time to brag.

From now until October 20 (that’s 10 full days), I’m taking nominations for great chick bloggers (specifically) and great women’s blogs (generally). You are welcome to nominate yourself, a friend, or someone you don’t even know. Please leave your nominations – including links – in the comments section below. If for any reason you are having issues leaving a comment, email me your nominations at

I will update this page with those nominations.

Who’s Eligible?

For Top 10 Chick Bloggers: Chicks who blog. It doesn’t matter whether or not they write about women’s issues. It doesn’t even matter whether or not they own the blog for which they write (example: writers for or If you are a great chick blogger or someone you know is a great chick blogger, let us know.

For Top 10 Women’s Blogs: Blogs with a female target audience. Please do not think too much into it. The blog doesn’t need to have pink as a primary brand color or talk about women’s issues every day. The blog could be women’s fashion, or a business-oriented blog aimed at a female audience. Submit as many as you’d like. There’s a ton of them out there. I would like to know which ones you think we should be reading.

Say Why

It’s going to be very helpful for me if, when you add your nomination, you include the all-important why. I’m interested in everything, from great writing to great design to great social media skills. It helps me figure out what to look for when I go visit the site or specific post you link to in the comments section below.

And the Nominees Are…

…going to be posted here. Submit as many as you’d like – and seriously, if you are a chick blogger or own a women’s blog, do not be shy. Nominate yourself, too.

Nominees for Top Chick Bloggers

Nominees for Top Women’s Blogs

Winners will be decided the last week of October. Subscribe by email free so you don’t miss when the winners are announced!

P.S. I really tried to let the Forbes thing go. I did. :)

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