An Attitude of Gratitude with your Children

in Relationships & Family


Recently I caught my son saying, “Boy, Dad has not given us our allowance in like 3 months. I know he just gave us $20 for allowance, but shouldn’t it be like $60?”

My initial reaction was outrage. No, I did not go off on my son. But, I did look at this as a teachable moment.  "An Attitude of Gratitude"

As much as I think my husband & I have done a great job teaching our children to be grateful for all they have, it’s a constant work in progress.  I explained to my son that first and foremost allowance is not a given. As much as I appreciate what he does around the house, his chores don’t warrant that allowance. We are quite generous and really think our kids BIG job is school. So, for him to think he is “owed” that money disturbs me. I asked him if he understood what I meant and he nodded.

This is not my first rodeo, I know this will be an open discussion for a long time.

I’m thinking about this subject a lot. Not only because it is November and we are diving into “Gratitude” but also, Christmas is coming. I want each hard earned present to mean something to my children.


Is that a pipe dream? Will they ever truly have An Attitude of Gratitude?


What do you think? Do you struggle with this same subject with your kids?