25 Companies Where Women Shine

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companies where women shine

Every now and then, it’s good to remind yourself: it’s great to be a business woman. Whether you work for yourself, or work for a great company, so much is being done to ensure equality, diversity, and improvement in the lives of both employees and women in the community.

Below are 25 companies where women shine – either because they are run by a stellar, intelligent woman, or they’re great places for women to work, or they’re companies whose products or services make the lives of women better, or they boast an extremely high percentage of women employed there. Check out the following 25 companies and feel free to add more deserving companies to this list!

Powerful Companies Run by Women

Kraft Foods: Irene Rosenfelf, CEO

Dupont: Ellen Kullman, Chairman and CEO

Facebook: Sheryl Sandberg, COO

McDonald’s: Jan Fields, President, McDonald’s USA

Xerox: Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO

Avon: Andrea Jung, Chairman and CEO

PepsiCo: Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO

Best Places for Women to Work

Aflac & SAS: Both companies, among several others, provides low-cost on-site childcare for working parents. Source

Bayer: Provides 4 months of maternity leave, including 2 weeks full paid maternity leave. That’s above and beyond what U.S. companies are required to provide. Source

Intel: A key company for women in technology, Intel saw a 24% increase last year in the number of women in technical mid- to senior-level jobs since 2004. Nearly one-third of the people on the Board of Directors are women, which is outstanding for a Fortune 500  technology company. Source

The New York Times Company: This company offers a very unusual perk: “at some locations,” the company provides emergency back-up dependent care services for children, parents, or spouses. Source

Sodexo: Sodexo is actively committed to mentoring women and providing significant support for women in the workplace, through their WiNG (Women’s Network Group). Source

Companies Improving the Lives of Women

Coca-Cola: In early 2011, Coca-Cola donated $6 million to an organization called RAIN, which provides safe drinking water and sanitation to countries in Africa where it will improve the lives of 250,000 women and girls. Source

General Mills: Publicly committed to purchasing supplies from minority- and women-owned businesses. Source

Eli Lilly: Also publicly committed to purchasing supplies from minority- and women-owned businesses, and encourages diverse suppliers to stand out via awards and certification programs. Source

Office Depot: Among many other efforts, Office Depot goes above and beyond by supporting female entrepreneurs, specifically, via the Count-Me-In for Women’s Economic Independence organization, which provides loans and resources for women in small business. Source

Zappos.com: For such a large company, Zappos.com makes a continuous effort to support their local community in Kentucky by donating help generously to women’s centers and shelters. Source

Great Companies with the Most Women

Bright Horizons Family Solutions: 13,737 employees, 96% women. Source

Build-a-Bear Workshop: 4,250 employees, 86% women.

Aéropostale: 16,589 employees, 73% women.

Nordstrom: 49,447 employees, 73% women.

Mayo Clinic: 41,068 employees, 70% women.

Starbucks: 103,425 employees, 65% women.

American Express: 26,329 employees, 65% women.

Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net