5 Good Reasons to Quit Picking on Librarians

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Think you know something about librarians? I thought I did, until I saw a recent inforgraphic, “Anatomy of a Librarian.” All I can say is, wow. ┬áMaybe I should have been one of them. Who knew?

Librarians are cooler than me, and maybe cooler than you, too. Growing up, we certainly didn’t give librarians much credit, especially the ones in public libraries. I blame TV for that. TV shows hardly portray librarians positively.

Still, here are five reasons to quit picking on them. I will never think about librarians the same way.

1. They’re probably considered hotter than you.

Did you see that one coming? Okay, it’s totally subjective, but according to the writer at dailyinfographic.com, librarians – who are 78% women – are “usually hot.” Usually implies a sort of normalcy, as though many or even MOST librarians are indeed hot. When was the last time you heard a guy call your profession “hot” across the board?

“Oh, you know those marketing consulting chicks. They are so hot.”

Apparently, this kind of discussion is had… about librarians.

2. They probably make more money than you do.

According to this infographic (below), the average librarian with a Master’s degree made $60,734 in 2010. Now, that might not be more than the average readership here at bizchickblogs.com, but it’s way, way more than the average income in the United States. Way.

3. They can probably multi-task better than you can.

Looking at the list of tasks librarians perform is pretty exhausting. Besides making reading recommendations, coordinating kids events, and planning fundraisers, they also negotiate contracts, check books/materials in and out, write grants, and somehow find time to look up and hound you about your late fee – you know, the one you didn’t pay at that other library 10 years ago. All $3.00 of it.

4. They are probably more insurable than you.

How many of you SCUBA-loving, motorcycle-driving, airplane-flying thrill seekers tell your insurance agent about that? Yeah right. You know you lie.

Librarians don’t have to worry about lying to insurance agents about their lifestyles, because they represent a portion of the public that is a life insurance agent’s dream. According to the inforgraphic, librarians are quite the calm and collected type, with (no surprise here) their number 1 recreational activity being reading, followed by music, cookies, and movies.

5. Their job outlook is probably better than yours.

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. According to the infographic, due to the fact that many librarians are going to be retiring in the next decade, the job growth outlook is good for librarians. That’s good news for them. Although, who knows. Baby boomers aren’t really going anywhere, and most everyone else cannot afford to retire.

Except, librarians.

Anatomy of a Librarian

Infographic courtesy of Master-Degree-Online.com

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LauLau81 December 13, 2011 at 8:24 am

For me, 4 out of the five reasons are very important and I also want to thank this post in inspiring us…

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