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a time for rest

This is just a little announcement to say that as of January 2012, I will officially take a rest from blogging. I am not sure when I personally will be posting regularly again, but is going to be undertaking a major brand re-design and site change. I am looking forward to the changes, but also looking forward to the rest before I begin tackling them.

At least once a month, I will publish guest posts and re-publish content that you would like to share with readers here. Please feel free to email me at for details or to ask questions. If you have previously asked and not heard back from me, please just ping me again.

I appreciate your readership so much, and hope that you will continue to remain connected via Facebook

and Twitter. That is how you will know when we are back and up running – so stay with us!

Before I sign off for awhile, I need to publicly thank the following people for their contributions and efforts this year here at Without them, there would be nothing here!

As well as a whole community of contributors, readers, blogger-friends, and guests. It has been one awesome year, and I wish I had the time right now to keep it going.

This isn’t goodbye! Just… goodnight. I wish you all the best in 2012! Don’t forget to say hello from time to time on Facebook!

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