Good design cannot save bad writing

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It’s been a LONG time since I published something about “blogging.” And I’m not really going to today, either. Fooled YOU!

I was reviewing recent links to my site, and I found one in a post by Melodieann, who wrote “How to Get That Link Love.” She wrote about how she learned so much from ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a better blog challenge (which I recommend for you newbie bloggers!) Anyway, in her post, she linked to a post I wrote TWO YEARS AGO about how blog design impacts writing. Have a read to find out more about that, but only after you read this post.

Now for the twist.

rotten tomato

Fruit rots from the inside out

We know now that good design cannot save bad writing. We’ve seen it. There are some fantastically designed “templates” out there that amaze the eye and are perfectly structured so that all of the right things are featured, etc. etc. But we’ve seen that when applied to bad content, well, that’s all she wrote. Good content + adequate design trumps bad content + fantastic design.

Apply that now to your “outward self” and “inward self.” How much do you love life? How much do you put energy and effort into the things you want to BE? And then, how do you come across to other people? What is your intended brand?

Maybe you have an amazing body and even more amazing Guess jeans to flaunt it (God, I really really want those Guess jeans for Christmas this year!). Maybe you have the corner office (for now) or maybe, at parties, you shine like a star because of your hair and great dress. Maybe you have 15,000 Twitter followers or a really nice car.

But maybe you also treat yourself and others badly. Maybe you are okay with never accomplishing another single thing in this life. Maybe you don’t care about anything other than money. Maybe your heart is shriveled.

Good looks – a great outwardly appearance – it cannot save your soul. Eventually, you will shrivel, and your appearance will, too. “They” say that people can keep up a facade with close friends and family for just about a year before the truth comes out. As with all things in nature, what is inside of you will eventually come out – in your actions, your words, and even your appearance after awhile.

Not to be too cutesy, but I have to quote some Jewel now. Who (or more appropriately, what) will save YOUR soul? Your outward appearance cannot.

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