Tool Time: 5 Essential Tools for Small Business Success

in success.

To adequately accomplish any job, one must make use of the proper tools—the same goes for small businesses. Up-and-coming CEOs have to utilize financial tools to analytic and promotional tools for corporate growth and monetary return. Send your business on a meteoric rise toward success with these essential online tools.

American Express Financial Tools

It’s always easier to have everything in one place. American Express caters its online financial tools to your small business needs, to book business travel, pay bills, keep track of all your accounts or manage your business Plum Card for cash flow. They even have online forums for business owners and a free directory of tools and resources to help you run your small business. American Express is also a supporter of small businesses through programs and events such as Small Business Saturday. This past November, consumers spent $5.5 billion on small and independent businesses in awareness of Small Business Saturday, according to

Google Analytics

Every business must crunch numbers, analyze data and identify key demographics to effectively grow. Google Analytics has business owners covered in gathering every statistical piece of information about customer trends, answering such questions as: what are the percentage differences in traffic drivers and what countries has the site been viewed in? This innovative tool also measures success of social media, mobile and advertising campaigns in addition to gaging how visitors use your site and how their behavior leads to conversions and sales. Google Analytics data measurements and graphs are clearly stated and simplistically constructed so that even the most technologically inept person can easily comprehend the informational conclusions that Google so elegantly provides.


For any small business to flourish, it will need to attract massive attention. Enter MailChimp, a convenient way to send email newsletters with visual appeal and dynamic content. Use pre-designed templates or create one from scratch. MailChimp’s A/B split testing is an effective method to discover what days of the week, time of day and subject line are most likely to garner the most clicks and open rates. Email Beamer allows business owners to create a campaign from your desktop. Write the message with Outlook, Gmail or whichever program you tend to use and “beam” it to MailChimp—without having to login—where it will be sitting as a draft awaiting your confirmation. Release an E-blast and witness a deluge of traffic flow.


Using an elephantine logo to suggest the superior memory of the elephant, Evernote symbolically compares and boasts its own usefulness as a tool of digital memory extension. To compensate for forgetfulness, record audio and shoot photos throughout the day which can then be stores on Evernote. Hoard information from all over the web—articles, images, files—to collect in one convenient place that’s accessible from any device. Capture, access and find anything from doctor appointments to flight itineraries with this revolutionary information organizational tool.


SlideShare is like a highly-evolved PowerPoint with social media and Youtube entangled in its DNA. The world’s largest community for sharing presentations is among the the 200 most visited websites on Earth. SlideShare assists in boosting your search engine ranking and helping content go viral with its enormous 60 million visitors and 130 million pageviews monthly. Its digital makeup makes it a breeze to easily embed presentations on blogs, websites and company intranets. To construct slidecasts or webinars to engage your viewers, you can synchronize mp3 audio with slides to add a beneficial audio element. Boast your business in engaging videos demonstrating your unique products and services in educational how-to tutorials or persuasive testimonials.

Stephanie Diaz A former public relations specialist, Stephanie is a blogger who shares tips on saving money and getting ahead in any economy.