5 Daily “Musts” For Moms

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It is definitely not easy being a mom. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work from home mom or in the office mom, you know the stress of try to get it all done. One of the ways of beating that overwhelming feeling is to make some daily habits for taking care of your family and household. You may need different habits depending on your family, but these habits listed below will get you to thinking.

5 daily habits for moms

1. Wake up early. Boo… I know this one stinks. But it is the best way to get a jump on the things you need to do that day. That way you can control your day, your day will not control you!

2. Going to bed earlier.  This one goes hand and hand with habit #1. You can’t have one without the other (or can you?). I know that the day doesn’t seem long enough as it is. But the better rested you are the more productive you will be. So go ahead and turn in early, give yourself a break.

3. Evening preparations. Anything that can be prepared the night before, do it! Such as: lunches, clothes laid out, back packs by the door, showers… This is a great habit the start with your kids as soon as possible.

4. Institute meal-planning. This one is a biggie in our family. The last thing that you want to do at the end of the day is “find” something to cook. Maybe you make a meal chart of nightly dinners or you have 6 meals you can chose from each night. It is always better to plan! I love to look at Pinterest for new meal ideas.

5. Do one complete load of laundry a day. Uh, laundry is a bad word in our home. I feel like the piles overtake us! Here is a great habit to start and even get the kids involved. Every night after baths or at bedtime, gather all the clothes and throw them in the washer. Before you go to bed preform the great switcheroo (washer to the dryer) or you can wait till morning to make the magic happen. Then take a few minutes to fold, hang and put clothes away. Wha-lah you have one less laundry pile to worry about.

Maintaining your home and sanity is difficult, but with these 5 habits maybe it will be easier.

About the Author:  Larah Shelton is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, an alarm monitoring Houston company. She enjoys time with her husband and 2 kids. She enjoys blogging, talking and planning for vacations!


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