about bizchickblogs

In the beginning, bizchickblogs.com was a single author blog about blogging. That morphed into a multi-author blog about all things self-employment, health, family/relationships, and technology. That morphed into a magazine with all sorts of contributions on all sorts of topics.

Now it is back to its roots: pure, simple blogging. Nearly three years later, and I have found my way back to the heart of successful blogging which is a single focus, dedication, heart, and genuine love for writing.

bizchickblogs.com has changed over the years, but I have changed, too. I’m no longer a new mom (so-to-speak), I’m a mom to a soon to be 5 year old who demands much attention. And I’m a full time employee at one of the most successful companies in the world – I’m no longer self-employed.

I didn’t think that would change things, but it changed everything about how blogging fits into my world, and how my blog therefore fits into everyone else’s world.

What we bring to blogging is ourselves – who we are in this moment. When that changes, our blogs change, too.

And so here we are – back to the white basic canvas that started it all. I’m happy to be home. Welcome (back) to bizchickblogs.com.

growth. success. happiness. legacy.

Image Credit: Michael Brown (flickr)