A WAHM’s Best Friend in the Kitchen: Gratitude for My Crock Pot

by AllieRambles November 16, 2011

As a WAHM I am grateful for my crock pot. My crock pot has helped me make my family happy for over 15 years. Healthy, hot meals are just waiting to be served at 6 PM. Filling our bellies with delicious goodness I only took 10 minutes to prepare. I love the ring to that “only 10 minutes to prepare.”

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Ode To Our Male Counterparts

by AllieRambles November 9, 2011

Thank you to the men who have helped and guided me online.
These men have helped forge ahead and do not see gender as a difference or impediment to business. Sure, they see things in terms of “traffic” and “conversions”, which is blind to gender, color, race, religion, etc. But they go beyond these statistics to respectfully welcome women into their world.

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On Being a Woman Online

by AllieRambles October 24, 2011

Being a woman online is a liberating experience. There seems to be few boundaries to what can be achieved. The Internet has opened many possibilities for today’s woman.

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