Donina Ifurung

Tips for Entertaining Business Colleagues at Your Home

by Donina Ifurung August 25, 2011

As an entrepreneur or business owner, opening up your home for a casual get-together of business colleagues shows that you are interested in people, are generous, and know how to have fun.

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Marketing Lessons From Street Teams

by Donina Ifurung June 28, 2011

Marketing is everywhere. Whether you are at home, driving, at work, at school, or at recreation, something and someone is marketing to us. As a marketing professional, I’ve learned from the best, and I can also take a lesson from some of the worst. As an observer of life and people, I decided to take […]

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Not Using Social Media Is Like Only Having a Typewriter

by Donina Ifurung June 24, 2011

There is a lot of information out there about social media. Is it a phenomenon? A fad? A trend? A viable tool? No matter which camp you are in, we must accept the fact that social media is now a normal part of our lives. Whether it is a necessity in some settings (like being […]

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