Are Potato Chips Really Necessary?

by LindaCSmith June 7, 2011

Ever think about this? The earth-shaking question of whether or not potato chips are really necessary? I did yesterday. My late sister and I had this tradition we’d share as young adults and later as moms when our kids were young.  We’d get together with a good movie, a pack of Red Vines and two […]

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I discovered a truth about Facebook

by LindaCSmith June 6, 2011

I think I finally get Facebook.  It has taken me awhile but I think I really do get it.  I think it has two big draws: staying in touch with friends and family networking Here’s what I think it does not do well: generating sales for businesses Actually I’ve had a like/dislike relationship with Facebook […]

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Is there a role for Angst in your business?

by LindaCSmith March 5, 2011

The type of angst to which I’m referring is a more viseral type of anxiety that stems not from their competencies, but rather from their perceived inadequacies as a person.

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