What Does Your Taste in Wine Say About You?

by Melissa Page August 27, 2013
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What does your taste in wine say about you as a person? A whole lot, according to a recent study. Commissioned by the industry publication, French Wines with Style, the research included various experts who interpreted data to link certain traits and characteristics with specific drinking habits. According to researchers, people who prefer red wine tend […]

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Blood Diamonds in a Store Near You [Infographic]

by The Emerald Closet April 11, 2012

You may think that blood diamonds were a thing of the past, but new information shows that the market is still thriving.

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X-Factor Competitors – How Young Is Too Young?

by bizchick December 9, 2011

When 13 year old Rachel Crow collapsed uncontrollably onstage after being eliminated on the X-Factor, crying “Mommy, mommy,” my fears were confirmed that she was just… too… young.

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