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Highs, Lows, and an Unusual Entrepreneurial Journey

by Jk Allen March 6, 2011

Many entrepreneurs have taken non-traditional routes to fulfill their dreams. In fact, non-traditional is actually more traditional than not when it comes to an entrepreneur’s journey. I guess we can say that in many cases that an entrepreneur’s journey is simply unusual.

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What Does Your Personality Type Really Mean as a Female Entrepreneur?

by Kalen Smith March 4, 2011

There are many different personality types and entrepreneurs come from all of them. You will need a range of personality traits and embrace them like a diet to go to the levels of success that you are destined for in business.

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One more time: content is king (but only if it’s relevant)

by John Flower February 4, 2011

So you’ve got this killer product. You’re selling toilet air freshener. However, you’ve put a twist on the original idea. Instead of trying to make the air a little fresher, your air freshener has such a putrid, repugnant smell, that it makes the actual odour fade into the background. It’s a psychological thing. You know […]

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