Work at Home Mommy: How to Transition to Telecommuting If you’re used to working at an office, free from child-related interruptions, then the transition to working at home can take some getting used to. However, as working from home affords a new mother the ability to spend essential quality time with her child and even […]

  Being injured in an accident is very disruptive. It is intrusive in your personal life and your career. Missing time from work can really cause issues because you miss out on important meetings, transactions, and changes that occur on a daily basis. Extended periods of time off work can even send your career into […]

Being Sued? How to Protect Your Business Being sued is never fun. In fact, it is a down right nightmare. It becomes even worse when you own a business. It does not matter if you or your business is being sued, your business is placed at risk. The first thing that you should do when […]

  Running a business often proves more difficult than most people imagined, and one cause of this is the sheer amount of legal considerations that never arise in a person’s mind when they’re initially coming up with a business plan. One factor that often blindsides budding entrepreneurs is payroll taxes. There are two categories of […]

    Women may know how to do their jobs, but they might not know how to exercise their rights in the workplace. This is especially evident after a woman has an accident on the job. It doesn’t matter whether a woman’s hand or arm was caught in malfunctioning machinery or she slipped and fell […]

  People who suffer debilitating and life-altering injuries today face much better prognoses than patients in the same condition even a few years ago. With new medical technology, injuries that were once considered to be life threatening and permanent often can be reversed or minimized in such a way that patients can go on to […]

  Utilizing a data center has become a must in the business world because it makes it easier to back up all of your critical data and keep everything safe from potential cyber thieves. In fact, many major businesses have their own data center located on-site. However, it actually makes more sense to outsource your […]

The Internet has clearly changed the scope and opportunity for success that has already benefited many digital entrepreneurs, and the continuing development of business management tools and sales enhancement techniques is in full swing. The basics of online marketing are still crucial in building an online presence for promoting products and services, as advertisement is […]

What began as a way to cope with the death of a child, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has developed into a national non-profit organization dedicated to combating drunk driving, providing support for family members who have lost a loved one due to drunk driving, and educational programs to prevent underage drinking. MADD has been […]

  Employee assistance programs, which are also known as EAP, have been available since the 1940s. Many employers offer such an option to help their employees deal with a wide variety of issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, personal issues, relationship issues, legal issues and harassment. Additionally, some of these services provide employees with a […]