If you are a business owner whose company depends on you for its continued operations, a serious injury can have catastrophic consequences. However, your attorney will work to establish the basis for a lawsuit. If that effort is successful, you may be able to secure financing against a future settlement to […]

  A worker’s compensation claim denial essentially adds insult to an injury that the claimant obviously stated had occurred at work. Employers and workers compensation insurance companies deny claims regularly for reasons of their own. Some employers are compliant with reporting the injury and allowing the claim, just to have the worker’s compensation insurance company […]

  The next time you see an 18-wheeler truck on the road, take a look at the driver; it might in fact be a woman. Women have been handling big rigs in the trucking industry for years now and they have been playing a prominent role. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association says that their membership […]

Earlier this year, Ariel Hyatt asked the other women she knew in the music and entrepreneurial industries for their best pieces of advice to ladies who were still trying to break into the business. Among the quoted was Zoe Keating, who said, “When every door is closed you can always just make your own damn […]

If you are like millions of other individuals in the world, you may be curious if online dating is as fun as it sounds. As this type of interpersonal networking and romance is proving to be one of the most successful industries across the Internet, it proves wise for us to have a brief look […]

The increasing presence of technology and the role of the internet in most organizational tasks makes the implementation of information security crucial to a business. With valuable business and financial information being constantly exchanged and transferred through the internet, it can be easily intercepted, hacked, or simply lost. By integrating information security measures into organizational […]

Your business might offer top-quality products and services that people need and want to buy. However, your venture may indubitably fail if your company cannot attract the clients it needs to survive. When you want your enterprise to grow and thrive, it is vital that you make your mark on the local area immediately and […]

Business Travels: What You Can and Can’t Write Off While traveling for pleasure can offer a whole new world of opportunities to explore and learn, traveling for business can offer a lot of expense report headaches. This is especially true when it comes to knowing what you can and can’t write off for your taxes […]

Calling Your Business: Benefits of Toll Free Numbers   Having a toll-free number will definitely make it easier for potential customers and clients to contact your business. However, it is understandable that business owners operating with a minimal budget might be concerned about whether or not a toll-free number is the best usage of their […]

Protecting Your Business From Personal Trouble No one ever plans to get into trouble. Sometimes trouble just finds you. In many cases, you may be falsely accused of criminal activity, and it will impact every aspect of your life. This impact is especially true if you are a business owner. Finding yourself accused of a […]