How to Balance Education with Motherhood

by bizchick December 20, 2012

The following is a guest contribution. Attending college is stressful enough, but adding parenting into the mix will mean that you’ll have to learn what balancing priorities really means. Despite the trials and tribulations associated with this admirable feat, many mothers are out there doing it (and doing it well). Sometimes, they just need a […]

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9 Female College-Dorm-Room Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn from Them

by Guest Contributor April 2, 2012

To be successful in the entrepreneurial world, you have to be competitive and a risk taker. Even when ‘playing’ with men.

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Colleges holding our children hostage

by Sandy Miller April 19, 2011

Did you ever hear the story of the Emperor who has no clothes? Basically the Emperor is fooled into believe he is wearing beautiful clothes and no one is willing to tell him he is naked. It’s not until he goes out into the streets that a child sees him and points out what everyone […]

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