6 Great Face-to-Face Networking Resources for Businesswomen

Meeting in person can be a way to learn, get business, and receive and give referrals. These things are important, but sometimes, it is just good to meet new people with whom you can share your passion.

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35% of Women Would Sooner Die than Eat Healthier

According to the recently released Better Homes and Gardens “Food Factor 2010” Survey, 35% of women surveyed would prefer to eat whatever they want and die at age 70. The good news is that the majority of the rest of the women surveyed, some 60%, said that they would prefer to eat only healthy foods […]

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Every Girl’s Must-Haves

Like the “must-haves” in your handbag, these “must-haves” are what every successful woman should employ and embody. From friends to fashion, they are essentials that help create a well-rounded, strength-boosting lifestyle that everyone around you will crave!

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